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  1. @neon_sites any image, you just need to replace the bootloader. But I do not use HDMI, I need a set-top box as a mini server
  2. @donluca you need to switch boot from ddr3 to lpddr3 and set the frequency to 280. It doesn’t work normally for me on another. if still relevant
  3. I was able to run the image OrangePi Zero.
  4. People need help. I was able to assemble a u-boot that sees DRAM, I had to set the type to LPDDR3. But my problems did not end there, the download starts, but freezes. I present the log, tell me where to look for the download problem? This happens on several built images (Orangepi_pc, Beelink) hangs in the same place.
  5. Sorry, just answered the question. I keep learning new things If you can help, the logs are here. https://forum.armbian.com/topic/23074-r69-emcp-v20-allwinner-h3/#comment-145850
  6. Спасибо. Я понимаю, что они похожи, но у меня не загружается ни один образ с TF-карты, пишет DRAM: 0 не может определить память. Удалось собрать boot0 от , по UART в терминале доходит до SUNXI. Я все еще не могу запустить Linux (пока не могу понять, почему.
  7. hangs on DRAM, in the image from 2015 DRAM costs 672.
  8. same DRAM: 0. I have a 2015 Orangepi image, it starts to boot but freezes and there is no DRAM:0. Can I extract the settings from it somehow and change it?
  9. Are the rest of the steps correct? I'm going to try now What does right place mean? Can I try with sunxi-fel?
  10. It's me again. Tell me what am I doing wrong? I clone UBOOT, go to: -configs -open orangepi_zero_plus2_h3_defconfig -edit CONFIG_DRAM_CLK = I put 336 and edit CONFIG_DRAM_ZQ = what value should I put here? i put 003939f9 -then make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- orangepi_zero_plus2_h3_defconfig -make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- -write the next action to the SD card, insert it into the board and run it? Am I doing everything right or not? When I did all this, the result did not change ( The question is which version of UBOOT should I use? Is there a difference?
  11. Sorry I didn't see what I wrote. Yes, I'll try to copy 1 megabyte. Here is the download log: Armbian_22.02.2_Orangepipc_jammy_edge_5.16.12.img.xz.txt2022-03-06 18:51 Armbian_5.59_Orangepipc_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.65.7z I also tried Orange Pi Zero
  12. @jernej Я только изучаю Linux, как извлечь sys_confix из работающего префикса или первого мегабайта загрузчика? The log of the original firmware, is this what the UART gives me when I boot? I tried images compiled for allwinner h3
  13. @SteeMan as stated in the article there are reasons As a TV box, I don't need this box. I'm trying to find a solution, so far it doesn't work. Everywhere they write write the image to sd and it will boot, but it doesn’t boot for me (((
  14. Good time of the day! There is such a board, a TV set-top box from Aliexpress. Processor: Allwinner H3 Memory: JWA60 (I understand emcp) r69-EMCP The board has inscriptions R69-EMCP_v2.0 and EMCP_LPDDR3_EMCP. Installed Linux kernel localhost 4.4.55 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Nov 11 15:35:09 CST 2021 armv7l The question is, when installing any Armbian image on mSD, I get the following result of booting from mSD: U-Boot SPL DRAM: 0MiB ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ### I understand that he does not see RAM, tell me how to set up RAM. Poke where the assembly process for LPDDR3 is described in detail. If you need more information, I'll be happy to provide. Tried loading H3Droid from SD and via FEL. Everything is the same in UART "U-Boot SPL DRAM: 0MiB ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###"
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