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  1. As the title says, my OpiPC don't want to boot. It starts to boot, with UART console I can see u-boot loading and doing its job, but just when it would start the kernel the console gets borked with non-ascii characters. After this, the board just hangs there. I've tested with 3 different images (written out by Etcher), checked the images checksum and checked the SDcard with F3. This setup worked fine a month ago, when I last had the time to play with it. Since than, the board was just lying on my desk, turned off.
  2. Thanks, this was the missing piece. After this I managed to play around with SELinux, but sadly, its support on Jessie is pretty much lacking, but there is hope it will be better in Stretch.
  3. Sorry for necroing, but I've just had time to tinker with MAC. AppArmor seems to be working with @davidahoward 's options, although I'm more interested in SELinux. I've built the kernel with these options: root@orangepipc:~# grep -i selinux /boot/config-4.10.3-sun8i CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=y CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM_VALUE=1 # CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_DISABLE is not set CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_DEVELOP=y CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_AVC_STATS=y CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_CHECKREQPROT_VALUE=0 CONFIG_DEFAULT_SECURITY_SELINUX=y CONFIG_DEFAUL
  4. @cpwtech you can always create an Ubuntu 16.04 VM with KVM or VirtualBox. From there, the build script will do all the hard work. 4.10 runs happily on my OpiPC.
  5. You'll need mainline kernel for that. Luckily, it can be easily build using the Armbian build tool: https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ Once you're done with that, you can install Docker from the official ARM Debian Jessie repo: https://apt.dockerproject.org/repo/dists/debian-jessie/ That's it.
  6. I'm running 4.9 on my OpiPC (the original one, without emmc) and it boots/works without hdmi attached. I've built the image on Dec. 19. and as I can see, megous pushed some changes to the kernel repo in the meantime, some even related to hdmi. link But then again, Igor's build contains all this newer stuff, so it shouldn't cause trouble.
  7. Some kind of MAC (either AppArmor or SELinux) would be great. I was thinking about trying to make SELinux work, but haven't found the time for messing around with it and my board is in "prod" anyway.
  8. @martinayotte: from whose source if I may ask? megous' 4.9 branch or montjoie's sun8i-emac-wip-v5?
  9. Keep in mind, that 4.9 is till in work-in-progress state. My OpiPC runs on megous' 4.7 kernel for some time now and the ethernet works fine. The last time I tried 4.9, it doesn't even booted, but it was back around rc2. In the meantime, he also updated/switched the ethernet driver to montjoie's one, which is also a "wip" source tree. As you can see, a lot of "work-in-progress" code is present in the currently available 4.9 kernels, so some breakage can be expected. I'll test the 4.9 kernel once Linus decides it is stable enough and after the sunxi guys do their magic to patch it for
  10. So you want to change the display resolution. I'm using Armbian without GUI so I can't help you much, but the H3-based board have a utility called h3disp. From the documentation: # Example to set resolution to 1920 x 1080, full colour-range and DVI h3disp -m 1080p60 -d -c 1
  11. Hi there. Could you please describe you problem as much as you can? How did you burn the image to the sdcard? Do you have console access to your board? Normally you wouldn't have to press anything. Burn the image to the sdcard, boot from it, log in via SSH.
  12. @zador.blood.stained thanks for the fast feedback.
  13. Could you please upload your image (or at least the 4.9 kernel) somewhere? The build issue has been solved by a cleanup as you suggested with zador.blood.stained, but the 4.9 kernel just doesn't want to work for me. I've build both the 4.9 and the 4.9-hdmi branch, tried with Armbian 5.21 and 5.23 but the boot always stops at this line: <... everything is fine until here, no error, etc ...> Starting Copy rules generated while the root was ro... Starting LSB: Set preliminary keymap... Starting LSB: Tune IDE hard disks... [ OK ] Started Copy rules generated
  14. Does the opipc image with 4.9-hdmi still builds for you? I got these errors: [ o.k. ] Creating board support package [ orangepipc dev ] [ .... ] Fingerprinting [ o.k. ] Building package [ linux-jessie-root-dev-orangepipc ] [ o.k. ] Starting rootfs and image building process for [ orangepipc jessie ] rm: cannot remove '/home/drakoh/armbian/output/cache/sdcard/tmp/debs': Device or resource busy [ o.k. ] Extracting jessie-ng-armhf.e52...1d9.tgz [ 0 days old ] jessie-ng-armhf.e52...1d9.tgz: 91.4MiB [4.68MiB/s] [==================================================================================
  15. Thanks for testing it out. Now I definitely give it a spin tomorrow. Maybe the bug that causes the panic with containerized torrent client is fixed. But obviously it is a pretty niche use-case, so I won't hold my breath.