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    Ratin reacted to Ford Prefect in Is there a way for measuring or know, input impedance of MICIN1 pin of Allwinner H3?   
    I believe that the real impedance of the chip input is very high.
    Thus the .1 µF cap doesn't cause low frequency loss and seen from the microphone connexions
    it is the bias resistors that determine the impedance.
    Those electret mikes are of low impedance because of the incorporated amplifiers.
    Here is the schematic I have:

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    Ratin got a reaction from gebir in NanoPI NEO / AIR   
    Hi All, As you know, with Default OS presented by FreandlyARM, Many apps & Features are disabled. for example, it hasn't nano editor, python3 and either it's most known libraries,flexibility for installing most of new apps, and so on. I really can't tolerate this situation that i had to try many ways, just for installing one python3 library!! .
    while your Beta OS is extremely better in this fields, but it is suffers too from Somethings like AUDIO Output(& maybe input?), Usb device compatibility , OTG support, and long boot time.
    So,you will be glad all, if you can work harder to make better one, that you can support, and we can relay that.a version with good performance and application. 
    I Know that you can. Go Ahead leaders! 
    (Sorry for poor English   )