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  1. Sorry. Is there an option to edit my post? I can make my question verry short: is there a way to make LAN connection over eth0 instead wlan0 on bananapi-m2?
  2. hallo, for bananapim2 i can build jammy legacy and current, cli and xfce, on my pc-ubuntu-jammy. I just coppy bananapim2.eos to bananapim2.conf, removed box86 files while my pc-ubuntu-jammy seems have problems with build-script to download addition softaware from some git or ppa. Current-jammy goes off on boot on "starting kernel", but if i build with linux-sunxi-legacy.config renamed to linux-sunxi-current.config, boot is successful. On all builds i cannt becomme LAN over eth0, but wifi is ok. I can see eth0 and wlan on Networkmanager(cli too) and ifconfig. I tryed to disable all broadcom drivers i knew thru blacklisting, but wifi is working. Configuring NetworkManager and network/interfaces and armbian-config made no changes. There is a text file in boot folder on SD named "first_run.template" or something. This file if configured like in description, should make eth0 to be LAN connection if renamed to .txt. But this way not worked. What i can find by googling, it seems that this board can have just one LAN connection: eth or wlan, one should be disabled. Maybe there is any way to configure it thru boot.* or *.Env file? Or maybe there can be two *.dtb files: one for run board with wlan and another for eth? Can someone configure *.dtb file for eth? Best regards.
  3. but on the boot i bocomme one penguin that in booting process switshing to armbian logo. There the link i used to download the image: http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com/Lamobo-r1_Debian_3.1_jessie_4.0.5.zip
  4. upps your are right. sorry for this question. i was blind on downloading.
  5. hallo, i downloaded debian jessy image with kernel 4.0.5 from there: http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com/Lamobo-r1_Debian_3.1_jessie_4.0.5.zipand installed it on bananapi. at first boot seems to be system self-autoconfigured and reboots. Now i see that /etc/network/interfaces is linked with interfaces.r1 and in /boot i found those files: config-4.0.5-lamobo-r1, System.map-4.0.5-lamobo-r1, vmlinuz-4.0.5-lamobo-r1. can it be that autoconfiguration has my bpi as router configured. How can i fix that manualy? nex question: on the boot i see one pinguine, but while bpi has 2 cores it shoul be 2 pinguins or not ? best regards Marijus
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