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  1. @jock Thanks for responding so quickly. What a shame it had to be a convoluted endeavour. Here's to hoping the drivers turn out to be wrong or there is a better suited version out there. Like I said, I am very limited in knowledge and thus flying blind. I appreciate that you took time to look into it.
  2. Hello again! I don't think I can edit my original post. I uploaded the files to Onedrive, here is a link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApKMTVdr0nvxa8a_vDMybMFA6FQ?e=mEbFE1
  3. Hello! I bought a X88 Pro 12 on amazon and flashed "Armbian_23.8.1_Rk3318-box_bookworm_current_6.1.50_xfce_desktop" to it. Everything seemed to work fine except for WiFi. With my very limited understanding of android, linux or the hardware side of things, I tried to extract the android DTB, but didn't manage to. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't have known how to really put it to use. Pretty positive dmesg didn't have any errors regarding wifi. "lshw -C network" did have two entries for WiFi, but they were very vague and it seemed that I was missing drivers. To my understanding the DTB is also incorrect, at least the WiFi and bluetooth part. Bluetooth might work fine since there actually was some options regarding it in armbian-config, didn't test since I don't really need it. rkconfig didn't recognize a WiFi chip. I opened the box up and the chip is a LGX8800D. There is some chat about it on the CoreELEC forums. Apparently "https://github.com/yanyitech/coolpi-kernel/tree/develop/drivers/net/wireless/rockchip_wlan/aic8800" contains the right drivers, but I am not sure if they are compatible with armbian as is or with my WiFi chip for that matter. I did revert back to android and downloaded "Device info HW", and it says on the WiFi section "aicwf_sdio". This make me think that maybe the aforementioned drivers are correct. I have pictures of either side of the board, original android backup I did with the multitool and rkdumper output files. Don't know how to get them to you with only 10 MB attachment size limit. Where should I upload them? I appreciate your time, if you're willing to give it.
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