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  1. @Benedito Portela Thank you for your reply! I was thinking along those lines to, bit what interests me is -How did the box get into that state?- I shut down the box a few times by unplugging it. That may have had something to do with it, but normally a thing like that shouldn't happen How can I prevent it from locking again in the future? This is the second time he eMMC locks (stuck in programming state). The first time I thought it was the Multitool SD-card that failed somehow, but apparently that was not the cause because now it happened while the box was running Armbian from eMMC. The first time the chip *magically* got unlocked somehow but now it had been locked for almost a week... The weird thing is that the yellow light blinks after starting!? Best regards, ert
  2. @jock The eMMC is stuck in programming mode. Common Linux problem. I believe this thread talks about a fix: https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-mmc/msg28260.html Best regards, Bert
  3. @RaptorSDSWhatever it is, it worked flawlessly for a few days but now it does not anymore. Weird, right? Sounds like a timing / temperature issue or something...
  4. Hi @k405 The board on the photo is a so called R29 board. I have the same one and so do more people in this thread. Getting HDMI is practically impossible on my board except when using multitool. I've had jock's Linux image working for a few days using "Multitool SD card" and burning the Linux image to eMMC but now it stopped working. For some reason Multitool has stopped recognizing the eMMC memory. I've had this problem before (like you can read from the thread here) and I thought I solved it but now I'm back to square one. @jockAny ideas? Same "Multitool SD card" as before. I can't think of anything different from before, it just stopped recognizing the eMMC. Starting without "Multitool SD card" seems to work (the yellow LED is blinking) but the board is not coming on-line. Bummer... I had a nice time running node-red on it... @Arthur FerrazHow did you fix your problems with Multitool not recognizing your eMMC card? Best regards, Bert
  5. What about the "walnut pi 1b" (allwinner h616 SOC) ? Does Armbian run on that? (Didn't see any post on that SBC)
  6. @fabiobassaI'm from the Netherlands. I like the fact that they are so cheap (got my last box for 15 eur.) Many people give the advice to buy an SBC with a much more expensive SOC but what's the point if they cost 10x that... If I buy two boxes from the same link, that should give some assurance that I'll get the same box right? Bert
  7. This is a bit off topic, sorry for that, but I want to buy another tv box. I tried to find something like a best buy guide with links to AliExpress or something similar, but I can't find any. Tips?
  8. Hi @Arthur Ferraz I went for A. It's the safest option If that doesn't work you may want to try @Benedito Portela's path. Good luck! Bert
  9. @jock YES! Got it this time around. No idea why it didn't work earlier. SHA1 matches. I'll be back in a sec! [Edit] Nope. Didn't work for me. Checked the sha1 on the box too. Identical to your last post. If you need my help testing more options I'll be glad to assist, otherwise I will be using the box as is... Best regards, Bert
  10. @Arthur Ferraz If you can't ping the box then how does the box get into the list you showed earlier?? Does the orange led blink? Do you have experience using SSH?
  11. Hi @Benedito Portela Thanks for pointing out this alternative route using multiboot / armbian-install! For now I won't try that route though because I'm currently using my box without HDMI running node-red and it's finally working. To get HDMI I'll try to get my hands on the correct rk322x-led-conf7.dtbo first. Best regards, Bert
  12. Hi @jock Both links are as dead as a doornail (on my PC anyway) That's why I posted the size and CRC32 of my file. For completeness, my file is: CRC32: 59CE6571 CRC64: 723531CCD486CA2E SHA256: 4AC98AE7D99F9F66F89D03D29FF777F577AD97B7CB77575D18CB40CCA594AC86 SHA1: 77ED245943CBACD0861913B7BF3D32057289D0A3 BLAKE2sp: BD8D82E7BF739ED295AB46162B56DBFA301889A66EA9FE56DDD33DB285C11200 Are your file and mine the same? Best regards, Bert
  13. Hi @Arthur Ferraz Can you check if the photo of my board a few posts back is the same as yours? Photo on https://ibb.co/GFxQL47 If identical you are one of the unlucky people that have a so called R29 box. Follow the discussion about it starting at page 70 or something. If you can ping the box then you may be able to SSH into it using user:root, pass:1234 If your on windows the use something like putty to make the SSH link. Once connected you can tag along with me and try to get HDMI working (if your box is indeed an R29!) About the hex dump: 52 4b 23 82 = RK3228 52 4b 23 92 = RK3229. Source: https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/21117-unoffical-le-9-2-9-80-images-for-rk3229-rk3228/?pageNo=23 quote: "I have a MALE-TO-MALE usb, maybe i could try to install without SDcard, but there is no microbutton(while pressing the reset microbutton with a toothpick) on my device." The reset switch on these boxes is hidden inside one of the jack-plug holes if I remember correctly. Just poke your toothpick in and check for the typical micro switch click. Good luck and don't forget to tell leave your comments on what you did to get it working (or not 😉 ) Best regards, Bert
  14. Hi @jock Thank you very much for your reply. The link to your fresh rk322x-led-conf7.dtbo seems to be dead (tooltip says "unavailable") as for the current file I'm using: Name: rk322x-led-conf7.dtbo Size: 5607 bytes (5 KiB) CRC32: 59CE6571 armbianEnv.txt rk322x-box:/boot:# cat armbianEnv.txt verbosity=1 extraargs=coherent_pool=2M bootlogo=false overlay_prefix=rk322x fdtfile=rk322x-box.dtb rootdev=UUID=c8f6385b-48ad-4ef3-af04-16b70ef98da0 rootfstype=ext4 overlays=emmc led-conf7 usbstoragequirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u rk322x-led-conf7.dtbo in it's natural surroundings 😉 rk322x-box:overlay:# ls -lt total 108 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 5607 Nov 24 14:54 rk322x-led-conf7.dtbo -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 3020 Aug 30 18:33 README.rk322x-overlays Diagnostics dump (armbianmonitor -u) can be found at https://paste.armbian.com/oxamuwiheq Best regards Bert
  15. @Arthur Ferraz Did you use a fresh image of Multitool and downloaded it from https://users.armbian.com/jock/rk322x/multitool/ ? I had the same problem and a fresh image of this version did the trick. Bert
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