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  1. I did indeed use the wrong script.bin, I now linked to /boot/bin/bananapipro.bin and bcmdhd still doesn't work, but ap6210 does work. Thank you! AP in bridge mode works with module ap6210, now I'm trying to let it work as dhcp-server via dnsmasq.
  2. I still can't get wifi up. Both with wheezy and jessie with kernel 3.4. For exmple in wheezy (modprobe and adding an entry in /etc/modules has the same effect doesn't it? I tried both versions): root@bananapi:~# modprobe bcmdhd <4>pm: parse wifi_used failed <6>bcmdhd: got gpio2, mapped to irqno-22 dhd_customer_gpio_wlan_ctrl: call customer specific GPIO to turn on WL_REG_ON [wifi_pm]: No select wifi, please check your config !! =========== WLAN placed in POWER ON ======== failed to power up wifi chip, retry again (4 left) ** dhd_customer_gpio_wlan_ctrl: call customer specific
  3. Hi Igor, first of all I want to thank you for your amazing work. It's quite a huge thing you have here. I have the Problem, that I can't get the wifi module on my Banana pro working, both in wheezy and jessie with kernel 3.4 with the image from 21.5.. I added ap6210 to /etc/modules, but wifi chip doesn't power up. Any idea what could cause the problem? I Attached a log from my boot in case you'd like to take a look Greetings Jonas boot-log_jessie.txt