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  1. @jpegqsI did notice it's minimal and I don't mind it as I plan on using it to run kipper for a 3d printer. But can you gimme a brief rundown of how to ssh into into it at first boot? Because as far as I'm aware, in order to ssh like I do with a raspberry pi, I need to enter the user name followed by the IP. But I'm not seeing the IP pop up when connected to lan, while using my network watcher app and I also wouldn't have the name and password to ssh (correct me if I'm wrong)
  2. @fensoft i flashed your image from mega, but i'm not getting anything on screen. any idea why?
  3. aoooooo @jpegqs i'm a complete noob to this and i have no idea how to apply the patch or driver lol but i'll try something
  4. thank you soooooo much @Shinjin i followed your directions and it worked somewhat perfectly. unfortunately, after the armbian screen with the spinning circle, the screen is just grey. i waited for 20 mins, and nothing. update edit: i got to the "rk3528-tvbox" login screen by trying other .dtb files in the rockchip folder. the "mangopi-m28k" got me there. another update: i have absolutely no internet lol i'm connected through lan. double checked the cable to ensure it's working. i cant use my usb wifi card either lol sighh
  5. @Shinjin can you please share the files you compiled so I can try them? (You can dm a link to me, I would be grateful) And also how did you flash? I wanna use it for klipper so I think the cpu would be plenty fast.
  6. Hey so I've been trying to install the patches by @jpegqs but I keep getting stuck at the " cp orig/*.dtsi . " Aspect of it as I get "no such file or directory" (I'm really new to this and I'm clearly doing something wrong with the asterisk part lol but I'm a fast-ish learner)
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