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  1. Interesting, i have access to ssh and logged in to the device successfully, how do i go about reinstalling or booting from usb
  2. Hey @jock i got it working after some trial and error, selected the wrong storage for the image. BUT now i have a new issue i managed to install Armbian onto the eMMc and booted successfully. After setting up my root password and using sudo armbian-root first thing i tried was updating armbian, when the update finished. The device failed to show any image after rebooting. I power cycled, unpluged keyboard etc. no luck so i went back to rkdevtool and tried entering maskrom mode to reinstall armbian but the device cannot be detected somehow. Even using clock pin method. Red and Blue lights flash after some time. No idea what went wrong.. maybe im not supposed to update? Rk3318 cant run latest firmware or something i have no clue. Still confused as to why rkdevtool cant read the device anymore even though im using clockpin method as i did previously
  3. @jock @fabiobassa Okay so I've been trying to write the premade community armbian img (Armbian_community_24.2.0-trunk.540_Clockworkpi-a06_bookworm_current_6.6.16) onto the chip using the "download image tab" but I've run into a couple of errors. what I did: in the first line (Loader line) I selected Multitool img (with storage set to blank) in the second line (Image line) I selected the Armbian img (with storage set to SPINOR) Checked write by Address box and clicked Run Some code runs in the side panel (screenshotted below) runs for about 6 seconds and the app closes/crashes. At this point I reopen the rkdevtool app (device is still in maskroom mode) I can now read chip information, flashID etc. which I could not do before step 3 (thought I made some progress here. When I attempt to switch storage I get an error, preventing me from leaving maskroom mode. Log file for reference: https://file.io/1oqx0Bwf3Ggb
  4. Aha okay, I will attempt to use the "download image" tab with a fresh armbian image like you said, I'll provide updates on my progress, hopefully, @fabiobassa will be able to guide me also.
  5. So using the same program I used to flash the emmc it's possible to write the armbian image? I've tried following the steps from: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/26978-csc-armbian-for-rk3318rk3328-tv-box-boards/page/19/#comment-130453 But I'm a bit confused. Try these steps: 1) push the little switch inside the hole while inserting a male-male cable into the otg 2) on another linux machine you should have now a new device (lsusb will help you) and you can run rkdeveloptool 3) rkdeveloptool ld should List Device 4) rkdeveloptool rd 3 should Reset Device into mode 3 ( maskrom ) 5) rkdeveloptool db MiniLoaderAll.bin ( of course from your path) should upload a temporary loader to recognize the internal emmc 6) if all is successfull until now you can rkdeveloptool wl 0X0 yourimage.img . This should flash the internal emmc . from what I understand I need to: Run the device in Maskroom mode (seems to already be in that state) get MiniLoaderALL.bin onto the device (I'm assuming using the upgrade firmware tab in rkdeveloptool) rkdeveloptool wl 0X0 yourimage.img (I believe this means to write the image onto the emmc, not sure if I do this on the download image tab or the advanced functions tab)
  6. @jock hey man thanks for responding, the board I have is the RK3318 and I do not have a SD card. just a USB drive would it still work? and am I burning it with multitool or just the .img file
  7. I could really use some help, i think I hit a wall here I'm beginning to lose my sanity. Sorry, I'm new to this and I'm on Windows so its even harder to follow any guide i see everyone is using Linux. I have Armbian downloaded (Armbian_22.05.0-trunk_Rk3318-box_jammy_current_5.15.35_xfce_desktop) I've downloaded the MiniLoader file and Multitool (after hours of troubleshooting and failure to even get my PC to recognize the device plugged in) finally got it to show up on rkdevtool after disabling driver signature enforcement on Windows had no idea that was even a thing. after that everyone it talking in linux code so i tried following another guide but that didn't go well I'm just lost at this point. from what i could understand, the goal is to change the bootloader of the device by changing the code in the eMMc? and to do that we have to flash the miniLoader onto the RK3318 chip? or are we just straight up installing Armbian straight onto the eMMc using rkdevtool? Again sorry I'm a newbie to all this, at first i thought it'd be a simple plug n install job using some sort of simple bios but 4 days in that's certainly not the case. still trying to figure it out on my own but some help would be greatly appreciated edit: seems I might've bricked the whole thing altogether I erased something in rkdevtool and now the lights are red no more blue lights, nothing when plugged into my tv. Have a look at the log I might've shot myself in the foot here not a clue. https://file.io/ZC5I13kUrDZU
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