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  1. I have install armbian version 10 on this box. Did watch video for some time, no issues except remote who do not only mine box but satelite receiver also, and this do then crash. I have a new remote who can be adjusted on mucho boxes and dvd, tv enc. but did not manage to let it work on this RT box (mxq pro). Oke I did watch video and encode some in H265, but get not such small files als with H264 in handbrake, I do use hardware encoding with videocard, I need stil to install new computer board with a intel I7 but has not yet the time so I can try the intel hardware encoder who seems to be better... The video has much artifacts, special color screens and darknes, clouds. The videobox I have for years now the Elvira Xtreamer has not this artifacts on that same encoded H264 video while armbian has, The RT29** box do have a lot artfacts in dark scenes, sound do loud bang in the amplifier when boot, need to watch out with this, but that is not because of armbian but hardware of these cheap boxes.. Short, the H265 decoder on chip does a bad job, or the version of armbian has issues, and then I think special with the videoplayer, I can also just have 1280 x 720 max in armbian setup, or there is a software active who recode video on the fly for adjust screen dimensions?. I do not now. someone has experience with this?. regards
  2. I had also a problem with this kind of board, using multitoool to burn libereelec on it, seems it has to do with what kind of kernel is used, I have now done LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-10.0-nightly-20230925-65bd849-rk322x.img on the box with multitool and suprisenly it start fine from emmc now, while a other did brick the box and need perform the clock ground tactic.. This img is not good also, but it is nightly so not formal, I can watch video very nicely, whole evening hevc. Good sound. I did also Arbian before, to test box, and these did boot fine, but it is a command tool environment for other purposes. regards
  3. Hi You are right, maybe best to go to libreelec forum also. I do not use armbian, but the multitool only, armbian is indeed for network I do just entertainment at home like movies. I do think about a raspberry 4 or 5 for this purpose, but I see not a board who has also digital audio out on this boards. thanks all.
  4. This libreelec do boot on sd, but copy it to internal is rule two, doing it with multitool it does not boot at all. do first armbian and then libre, things go even more bad. I go think about a raspberry pi are there levels in this? like 4 and what cpu,s is best. Yes these tv boxes are nice playtools.
  5. THis was also the intention, I have install armbian to check the boot capabilities. the Libreelec is what I want to use for that, however it does not boot from emc, it boot from sd, after power off it does not wake up, and when I let it boot again (the first time it go fine) I get errors and gargabe need correct, what it does with a lot of tekst, it is like windows hd check utility. regards
  6. Hi there I get a tip to ask here the question about a tv box rt3229 mxq 4k, I have a libre elec image who do work on SD, but when I install it on Emc (I have the dreadfull nand/ram chip) the box is bricked, I have set it back to maskrom mode with a wire after tips from here how to find these, thanks for that. When I install arm, it boot just fine from Emc by the way. I am busy build a tube output high end dac, who needs a digital out, the sound from the rockschips are bad. Maybe buy a very good pcb with a modern arm or amlogic chip is an idea, it needs to be quality 4 k hevc capable and sound needs to get out through a opamp soi I can chnage that for a good opamp like burr brown. I need high end because I have a hybrid designed who is a high end amp tube/mosfet. thanks in advance.
  7. @hurlingsand I have a sv6256p chip, do not work also. @fabiobassa I have read your tips. I have install armbian, different images, do boot just fine, but is not a desk top, I do not like command line versions, I am to green for that. Mine goal is a player who has spdif and build a dac for high end. Need a good board. Maybe here somebody can tip me what board I can use best for 4k video hevc and spdif out and very good audio out, maybe a opamp output I can replace for a high end one or connect the dac there. yes it is some big question but the box I have now, the rt3318 has none of that, the box is gleu shot and is very tiny and get ver4y hot, it does not 4k, it just plays bad, again a promise on ali who do not work. I am better of with a good board, and you guys do now. Another question, yes I have a lot, I did try to connect the 905w box to the network and give a ip from what I tought it was the right one, I have done something wrong making mine computer see only a unkwown network, reset of the bios did not work, starting a test linux also can not start the network adapter on bios, give error, I can test the network in bios, it give length of cable and speed, but do miss dns. Somewhere the network is connected with, and it is somewhere in hardware. So now I am on wifi. regards
  8. Oke The reason of brick the box was libreelec image, I did it again. Now installed armbian 23 bookworm and this just boot fine from emmc. question now is how to get a media system on it, libreelec kodi is such one, and I read that multitool is used for that, but brick the box everytime is always install the adroid before we can go on because boot is damaged. Oke we are done, the wire is soldered and I can go maskrom at will for experimenting. thanks all.
  9. Oke The reason of brick the box was libreelec image, I did it again. Now installed armbian 23 bookworm and this just boot fine from emmc. question now is how to get a media system on it, libreelec kodi is such one, and I read that multitool is used for that, but brick the box everytime is always install the adroid before we can go on because boot is damaged. Oke we are done, the wire is soldered and I can go maskrom at will for experimenting. thanks all.
  10. Some update. I have clear again the device so wipe android. Now I can just with dvtools switch to maskrom or normal loader. and after dicsconnect it, it stays in maskrom, so it works again as it did on first hand. What is happened I do not now, but me as agreen behind the ears linux user, it keeps me busy with all that free time now I have pension age.
  11. Hi jock I have managed find the clock, but it did not give a good clear signal on the scope, more rubbish, I think a digital analyzer is needed for clear signal reading. Oke I had found that pin, and was 7 on the open emmc place where no chip is, so people here has the right guess, and I was the lucky one. I have solder a wire on that pin, a very supple one and gleu it there because these boards are very very tiny traces and quickly damaged, also poor made boards. But oke, these are also cheap. I have now download a android in it because otherwise it brick again. so start from the begin. THat wire soldered on it will do make mine live a lot more easy. the android did start again, so I go on with armbian, nu I need a suitable image for testing, I have a libreelec image who do install fine on sd and do work, also the remote control, but I was trying set it on the inside flash what did not boot then. By the way I have tryed to measure if that clock pin did go somewhere, it didnt, it is only from the inside oscilator on kingston or the samsung emc chips. I am lucky I guess that the board is prepared for all kind of chips, making it more complicated also and not so good because of long traces and such making system unstable. So it is not always the cpu memory the armbian software but just the pcb, that is why runnig 1T did work better sometimes. thanks for help all.
  12. Hi Jock I do not remove that chip. But can I have tools, and masks. I did reball some phillips cpus of the tv whp did desolder themselfs. Your tip to push the button in the audio jack do not work anymore, it did fine when try to install arbian or libreelec, it was on maskmode, I just did wipe out the flash in devtools and it jumps automatically in maskrom. I have to say I had see on multitool the 1T or 2T, I can maybe change that because it did push on that, but cancel it, is this a reason to not work? 2T is not that bad 1T is more a overclock? sorry but need to learn some about this. I do understand 1T or 2t clock pulse to memory settings. I am electronicus and design also, so I do now what I am doing. The board did nice and suddenly died. I have now measure with the scope, I have a single chip memory combination as I some mention, here, it is a kingston 08emcp08 el3bt227 who is ball soldered, so clock pin is not reachable but can measure on the through hole points. The frquency is not 400 Khz was this a type error? the chip works on Mhz frequencion, but that is dynamic, so maybe when bricket it is low. The signal is this a clock pulse type? because I measure also more of them. Oke I go measure further, is the pcb really broken I remove the chip and measure the clockpin where it go, but first try to blow live again in it. Today I did get a new box, who is 64 bit, because the box I have is only 32 bit. box is H96 max rockchip 3318. unfortanely no digital out so I did not look well enough. oke maybe this box with linux is a very good security camera mini pc.
  13. I have Emc/ddr3 ram combination chip. just for clearance. Maybe this link is interesting. I can desolder the memory chip, make a connection to clock and resolder it, (balling) I have the materials for that like solderstation and mask's. https://lurchi.wordpress.com/tag/maskrom/
  14. Hi All Thanks for the help. I am now searching for the clock, but mine scope is max 100 Mhz so maybe it do not see or just noise. The pins you mention 6 and 7 just has voltage on it, no clock signal. The idea of the use of the empty nand place I did also has idea of, because these boards are made for mucho chips so yes it can be there. Mine board has a eMc/ram indeed. I can reball a new one if fake or a bad one. On the back of the board is no pads, there some below the rt3229 cpu. Are there more pins to short on emmc on free space on board, can I go with other menas to get into the system, ssh or so.
  15. Hi all I have proberly brick mine mxq pro rt2329 box. It has a eMc with balls solder so I can not find the clock pin, I can measure with the scope to find it as there is a outside pin, this clock is synced with something I presume. I have the kingston type of memory, with solder balls on the chip itself, so is more difficult, or even impossible, the pcb is then unusable. It did was in maskrom mode but something is happen. unexperience from me is possible. thanks
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