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  1. @Nick A@rick0cm Idk right now, why i should use the miniarch here and not just a plain arch distro? Dont get the difference now.
  2. Put the vontar miniarch distro on a sd card and put it into the TV Box i posted earlier. It works, but i do need to look to get wifi working. But firstly i does work. Didn't install miniarch right now to the tv box, cause i want to save the current os on it, before i install it. Already thank you guys, to find something which is running already.
  3. @heiko910 ty also for posting pictures, so it's easier to clarify stuff. What seems interesting by your board is, that you have uart connectors. Could not determine them on my board yet. I was also thinking about saving the firmware of it first before doing anything. Read that you could do it directly from armbian.
  4. @pixdrift Got the M98-8K with 4GB Ram and 64GB Rom. Put some pictures of the pcb in this post. Never did something like this before, but i will gonna try to start some images in a few days. (have to finish exam first)
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