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  1. Hello, I have got my Orange Pi PC+ reading a DS18B20, but it only gives 0.5 degree increments so I believe the resolution is set to 9 bit. This is nowhere near good enough for the application I plan to use it for. When I cat w1_slave I get: 90 01 80 01 1f ff 02 04 5c : crc=5c YES 90 01 80 01 1f ff 02 04 5c t=25000 I have attempted to use this: https://github.com/danjperron/BitBangingDS18B20 but it appears to be specifically for RaspPi. Does anyone know how I can change the resolution to 11 or 12 bit? Many thanks
  2. Hi great tutorial. I have tried it twice (for the wireless client), but no luck for me. I have a cheap AliExpress wifi dongle, with the chip given as 8188EUS. Any ideas on if the different model could be why it doesn't work; or have I likely just done something wrong (twice)? Cheers