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  1. This might help: https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/2046-vanilla-kernel-on-opi-pc-install-to-emmc/#entry15685
  2. Hmm, when I load the http page now it seems to work. Not sure what happened, I blame the cache in my browser for this (FF Development browser seems to be a bit too good at caching and not checking if anything changed). Sorry to have bothered you.
  3. As the title says, when I go to http://armbian.comI see the default Nginx page (Welcome to nginx on Debian). The https site works (https://armbian.com).
  4. From what I understood is that it is the other way around. When there is an sdcard inserted, it will boot from that and not from the emmc.
  5. I have an orangepi pc+ which (among other duties) exports my usb (/media/wd/Music) drive with nfs. The external usb drive (A Western Digital) automatically enters sleep mode when it is not used for a while. When I try to mount that nfs-share on another machine, I hear the drive spinning up (awakening) and the mount succeeds. But when I try to access the mount I get "ls: cannot access /opt/music: Stale file handle" I had the same drive and /etc/exports on my raspberrypi-2 but there I did not have this problem (I could hear it spinning up as well when I accessed the mount so I know it was entering sleep mode as well). So I think it is a difference in configuration between the default debian install (not raspbian) on the raspberrypi and the armbian install on my oranpi pc+ but I don't know where to look. --------------- The line in /etc/exports: /media/wd/Music,sync,subtree_check,mountpoint=/media/wd,all_squash,anonuid=65534,anongid=65534,nohide,insecure)
  6. Thanks for all the information. I tried the 4.9 build but it would not boot from microsd. Luckily I found an older microsd with 4.7.3 (armbian 5.20) still on it, and it did boot. I used that to boot and installed it on my opi-pc+ and marking the kernels on hold so that they will not be upgraded again after I do a apt-get upgrade :-) Since my uart0 is not working correctly anymore, making debugging very frustrating, and 4.7.3 is working correctly I'll hold on to this configuration for a while :-)
  7. chocho, Could you explain to this noob (me), how to create an image with mainline 4.9 and the montjoie ethernet patch?
  8. That did not work, compile errors (recipe for A33 olinuxino.dtb failed). I'll look into that a bit further Found 'm :-)
  9. Thanks, I'll try setting it back to 4.7. I know the H3 kernel is not production / daily usage ready yet, but I had great results with the 4.7.2 or 4.7.3 (forgot which one) I was running. None of the 4.x kernels that I did have lying around from previous compilations seem to want to work so I hope a new compilation will work (compiling right now). You hint at there being older builds around, where could I find those in case my own compilation doesn't work?
  10. Hi, I seem to be unable to create a working image for my Orange Pi PC+ with a 4.x kernel (I want to use Docker). I had a working 4.7.3 install but a recent (this week) apt-get upgrade installed a 4.8.x kernel (and probably a u-boot) after which my Opi PC+ will not boot anymore (my home-router shows the opi for a short time but it disappears before I can do a ssh to the Opi PC+). None of the images I have or create with a 4.x kernel seem to want to work. Only the 3.4.112 images that I download will work. Since I fried my uart0 and I haven't been able to use uart1 I have not been able to debug this. So I was hoping someone has a working image with a 4.x kernel (preferably debian-jessie server) for a Opi PC+ that they would be willing to share.
  11. Well, I've changed arch/arm/dts/sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc.dts and changed serial0 = &uart0; to serial0 = &uart1; Build a new armbian image (5.24, kernel 4.8.4) and booted with the usb-ttl connected to pins 37 (TX), 39 (GND) and 40 (RX). Alas, that did not work. I did not see anything in minicom, neither does the device seem to claim a ip-address (nothing shows on my home-router).
  12. This might help you: http://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/ And: http://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/#how-to-install-to-emmc-nand-sata-usb
  13. Hi, I seem to have "fried" the default Debug TTL UART (the 3 pins next to the hdmi connector). (connecting the ground of the usb-ttl to TX of the UART and leaving it there for a few minutes is not a good idea it seems :-)). The orangepipc+ still works when booting from emmc (armbian 5.17 debian jessie, kernel 4.7.3) but does not seem to want to boot from microsd (tried console only 5.17/4.7.3, 5.21/4.8.1). So I would like to debug that but whatever usb-ttl I connect I don't see anything (tried 3 different usb-ttl to make sure it was not the usb-ttl device)> My question: is it possible to see uboot messages (or at least the kernel boot) via a different port then the Debug TTL UART? And if so, how?
  14. You are probably better of waiting for the fix zador.blood.stained is talking about but... What you could try in the mean time is by creating a symbolic link as libavcodec-ffmpeg.so.56 to libavcodec-ffmpeg.so.57, sometimes that works :-) cd /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ ln -s libavcodec-ffmpeg.so.57 libavcodec-ffmpeg.so.56 No guaranties, that it will work :-)
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