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  1. Hello Hans, My repo only works with Raspbian Wheezy armhf (the ARMv6 VP2 variant). I guess that's a no I'd also like to propose to move the discussion to the Guitarix forum. I've only registered a week ago and I'm already getting spam PM's so I'd like to block this account. Jeremy
  2. Guess Armbian is just fine, never used it though. I'd use plain Debian myself but I guess it won't differ that much. The Orange Pi probably has USB2 ports so hopefully the 1818VSL can cope with those.
  3. Hello Hans, Full-duplex should work. You already mentioned the MOD Duo which runs Jack full-duplex on a board with an A20 SoC. It also works on the RPi and I've used Jack in full-duplex on a Cubieboard (A20 SoC) successfully. In order to make this work I can recommend doing the following: Don't use a graphical environment, try to get acquainted with working on the command line. You will probably need at least a preemptive kernel or even a real-time kernel to make full-duplex work. Also the 1818VSL used to have issues with Linux unrelated to armhf, not sure what the status is now but make sure you use a recent kernel. And bear in mind that KXStudio has no armhf packages. Jeremy