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  1. Cubietruck+ (H8) and CT Raid Subboard 1x Samsung EVO 750 256GB SSD 1x Corsair Force 120GB SSD Disks contain ~1GB of previous test data in Raid1 Mode (120GB array). CT Raid Subboard is connected to CT+ via SATA connector. Subboard also offers USB3 data connection. I would test with additional Raid Modes but this board requires soldering tiny surface mount resistors to change modes. Raid 1 is what I need for my application so I won't be able to test Raid0, JBOD, or PM modes for a while. I'd expect all the IO is terrible, thanks to the Cubietruck+. Command line used: iozone -e -I -a -s 1
  2. CT+ Raid board just arrived in mail yesterday, so I spent a few hours last night with it to try to get your stats. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it work with any of their images -- and I couldn't get their toolchain working properly (even in a 12.02 64 vm as recommended), even after a few tries. I'll likely try it on the OPi PC hardware tonight to verify it works if possible, then hammer away on my CT+ paperweight again I spoke with support about the board a week or so ago (before I ordered it) and was told it will also work with any computer via usb as well, but I couldn't get
  3. Here are of the results of using g_mass_storage module on jessie w/orangepi pc hardware. Data is coming from OTG and being written to usb3 drive (on usb2.0 bus) without encryption or raid. 'top' shows that im only using 1-2% of the cpu, so I'd imagine I have room for decryption and raid overhead. Going to rebuild the kernel a few more times over the next week and try to increase the speed. Not sure where the bottleneck is but I know there are lots of usb modes/flags that I'm not modifying yet. I'm running full desktop version of debian, my next step will be scaling down to just th
  4. Very nice project. I am also working on something similar. Looking forward to seeing more of your sourcecode released. Very impressed with how much you stripped the kernel down -- the device (orange pi pc) boots very fast.
  5. Thanks a ton for the info. Not just here, but everywhere. Doing homework on all this for the last few weeks and your posts in particular came up often. What kind of transfer speeds would be safe to expect with the setup you've suggested? Would there be a huge difference between doing this on an H3 and an A20? A20 seems to have tons more support at the moment. I'm shooting for 35-60MB/s if possible. I'll start looking at the Orange Pi as its price point is a lot easier to play with than the clearfog.
  6. Hi All, Which SOC gives best performance today for SATA I/O? According to the Sunxi wiki: "Since not every A20 based sunxi device uses GMAC networking (or even Ethernet at all) the following devices are the best choices: A20-OLinuXino-Lime2, Banana Pi, Banana Pro or Banana Pi M1+, Cubietruck, Hummingbird A20, Lamobo R1, Orange Pi, Orange Pi Mini or pcDuino3 Nano (Lite)." I've actually got a cubietruck+ here (that uses a terrible USB to sata bridge) but it's a terrible choice. Hoping you guys (or tkaiser ) can steer me in the right direction. I