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  1. Hello Igor, first of all thank you very much for your efforts. I used Armbian in the past and wanted install some up-to-date version. However this fails/hangs independent of selected OS either at 'armbian-resize-filesystem' or 'Flush Journal to persistent storage'. The first boot may take some >15min if succeeds. However i can't login after as it accepts no keyboard input. I started testing upwards from very old version (sorry, i downloaded many and only few by Torrent, but i did send you some donation to cover this). Up to Armbian_20.08.2_xxx_5.8.6 it works well, irrespective of debian/ubuntu flavor. So, the bug came with Armbian_20.11.3_xxx_5.9.1 (December 2020). Armbian_20.08.2 curently helps me out, but i would ask you to figure out which change was introduced then. In the previous post of another guy, you may seem already talking this issue, but i'm not into the OS compiling level. If i can contribute some error,logs etc. please let me know !
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