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  1. Thank you! I will try that and report it back!
  2. I have the same issue, but how can I do it on Windows platform, is there some settings in Rufus?!
  3. Hi there, I installed the Desktop version of Jessie, it was working good, but after I wanted to check the Server version too "Armbian_5.14_Orangepione_Debian_jessie_3.4.112.7z", but it just wont boot up, no Led's glows up on the board. Tried more times to install on different MicroSD cards, but I got the same non boot results. Just to mention that the Desktop version is working on all MicroSD cards I tried! Thank you for your answer! Kind regard
  4. Yeah, I figured that out now, here is the link what I found regarding Domoticz image. UPDATE: Also tried all on that link what you mentioned, but the script not recognize the board!
  5. Ok, I will try and report... But I already tried their pre-build image and it's not booting up!
  6. "guess and something similar" wont help me, because I'm a beginner at Armbian!
  7. Hi there, As the topic title says,... Is there any available option to install/setup Domoticz server onto Orange Pi Box using Armbian Desktop or Server version? Thank you! Kind regards
  8. Is there any chance to setup Domoticz on Orange Pi One?
  9. Hi there, Maybe it's not a good place to ask or post it but,... I received my Orange Pi One today,... Used Rufus to burn the Armbian (Jessie - Desktop) version to Transcend 8Gb MicroSD HC card. It's boots up (restarted), but it stuck after that restart at: orangepi login: and the SMD Green Led on the board start to blink all the time! Do I need to login manually or it need to boot directly to the GUI (Desktop)? Thank you for your answer! Kind regards