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  1. I get wiring op from your link and install it and interrupt works. tnx
  2. you use it in orange pi one? interrupt was worked? I think your link and mine, has a same thing
  3. I install Jessie server armbian on orange pi and install wiring op on it from this link and for test interrupt I use this example form as he said for test use gpio mode 0 up gpio mode 0 down in terminal , I did this and it just print waiting... my question is , Is wiringPiISR working on orange pi one? If the answer is yes, what should happen in this example? If the answer is no ,what can use instead of wiringPiISR ?
  4. I add this line and restart networking so I have ping orange pi address,tnx
  5. I want to set static IP in armbian, I edit interfaces in /etc/network as follow auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway but when in terminal get ifconfig , address ,...there isn't exist and ping address is `Destination host unreachable` what am I missing??