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  1. Also on everything I tested both WIFI and Ethernet was working along with the USB ports
  2. Yeah this is odd, both look identical to me - cheers
  3. Hi - Heres a photo of my Sunvell H3 board if that helps you - thanks
  4. Let me no if I can provide any info to see if we can get more Sunvell H3 boards working with Armbian etc - Had Retrorangepi working using the Beelink X2 image also.
  5. I can run everything I have tried on this box - Hardware looks pretty much identical to the X2
  6. Hi, yeah the SD cards iv used work with KSZAQ's libreELEC using a 'sandisk ultra SD' - Yeah tried all of the DTB's shown in the attached image
  7. Ok so here's my exact steps - I still think I am missing a step This is for Balbes150 latest armbian release for the MXQ S805 Write image to SD card using Win32disk Open SD card and drop DTB file from the DTB folders provided, onto root of SD card, rename dtb files 'meson8b-hd180.dtb' to dtb.img' Place SD card into MXQ and toothpick to start the initial boot Nothing happens 'waited 5-10 mins' also tried various other DTB files that are available Any input would be greatly received Many thanks for your hard work on this
  8. Hi - Any information or links on how to install directly to emmc flash - Many thanks
  9. Cheers, having a forgetful moment - All running fine on the V1.1.1 board I have, ethernet and WIFI also working great
  10. The next board - V3.1 - doesnt do anything else other than repeat this as show in picture
  11. Hi - thanks guys have tried the new X2 update of Armbian on my board, originally they wouldn't show anything on screen with the previous version - On the V3.1.1 board I have I see that it states kernal modules aren't loaded when going through script - unsure if that helps - it also ends up stopping with this on screen
  12. Right I understand - Have connected the device to the router, unfortunately their is nothing displayed by my router regarding the device
  13. Hi - Nothing connected to the X2 USB when first booting, would it make any difference if connecting anything - Also burned the IMG again and this time the light turns Purple/Red but nothing is displayed on screen this time around Sorry for a noob question, when you say SSH or Ping how can I do that without a network connection Thanks
  14. Hi assuming the serial number is from the bottom of the plastic casing, I have two X2 box's S/N X2H3CACG10156 S/N A2H3CKIG40374 Thanks
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