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  1. libvdpau-sunxi can be compiled with make and make install (as root), as it is written in the README. The mpv output could indeed be a problem with mp4, as RangerBG already said. The mp4 codec is pretty bad in libvdpau-sunxi, many variants might not work correctly. You should try a known working one like Big Buck Bunny to be sure it works as expected.
  2. The VLC problem could be a bug in libvdpau-sunxi, can you try if this branch fixes it? mpv should work, if not, what do you mean with "pixels are 8x8"? Maybe post a picture too.
  3. Ha, good. Output matches the one you posted on monday too, so everything is fine. You can try to integrate this into an armbian sdcard if you still have one (dd if=beelink-x2-spl.img of=/dev/your-sd-card bs=1024 skip=8 seek=8), or you'll have to wait for a new complete image, I don't use armbian myself.
  4. Thanks. So here is a new spl-only image which should work now. If it does, I'll send a patch to u-boot list soon. Please post it's output again, to verify it matches the expected results. Source:
  5. Hi, thanks for testing, though it didn't work as expected because I missed something... Try this version instead please, it should be the last one before we get something working if my guess is correct. Since I can't seem to attach something in this forum, I've put it on some filehoster, I hope you don't mind: MD5 sums: f5603a2decf1f1225a2f618e67ea0508 beelink-x2-test.img.bz2 3f46675f5a70c3c8231f51088c9eb6bf beelink-x2-test.img