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  1. I have managed to install XFCE4 and teamviewer host (armhf) and I can connect but sometimes it closes the connection other I can see the screen but It freezes and I cannot do anything, not moving the pointer, and also if I change something it does not reflect on the teamviewer PC... Any ideia what is missing? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Yes teamviewer has an ARM binary to download, and as I told I can use it on shell, but it does not work on the vistual desktop... Also been testing version 11 and 15... Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm new to ARMBIAN, a very poor linux user, but I think I can handle myself. I have a X96 Max Plus android TVBox, and I want to put it on a remote place with home assistant and be able to access it with teamviewer. I've managed to make all this. The thing is I can only access the box shell, so I cannot open a web browser to use HA directly on this box. (but I can access from other device on network without issues). So I thought of installing a desktop platform on armbian that there I can install a browser, so I'm then able to access the place router if needed and also home assistant web interface. I've manage to install a desktop like LightDM from armbian-config, but I'm unable to make teamviewer work there! I also need a lightweight solution, the instalation from armbian-config installs too much trash I do not need, I just need a graphical enviroment to use a browser... Can anyone point me on the right direction? Thanks!