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  1. Yes, the ntp service is running as default in ARMBIAN. But when the clock goes in the future the only way to correct it is reboot the Pine64. Regards, Gustavo
  2. Sorry for the time and not reply anything. I could not configure VPN Server. Problems with strongSwan configuration, but now I finally replace my Pine64 with and old Cubieboard2 with ARMBIAN. The problem with my Pine64 was that over the time, PINE64 go to the future ;-) The clock forward. I search for others user with the same problem but no one appear to have this iusse. BTSync refuse sync, and cron go out of time. Pine64 is incredible. Is a great machine but this iusse ruin my server. Is my Pine64 broken ?
  3. Using legacy Xenial image on pine64, I found that VPN server could not be executed due to the lack of PPP and IPSEC kernel options and probably other modules. Could be enabled on future releases ? Best regards, Gustavo.