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    Basteljunge reacted to tkaiser in Testers wanted: sunxi adjustments for RPi-Monitor   
    FYI: Testing finished / feature freeze. I submitted a second pull request to Xavier to include the current state with the next RPi-Monitor release.
    In case you've further comments feel free to discuss them here :-)
    If you want to try it out in the meantime you should follow these steps:
    # become root eg. by "sudo su -" cd /tmp && wget http://kaiser-edv.de/downloads/sunxi-monitor.tar.gz md5sum sunxi-monitor.tar.gz | grep -i 6822bcd7fe5cb2403eed9747e7cfff52 || exit 1 service rpimonitor stop cd / && tar -xzf /tmp/sunxi-monitor.tar.gz pkill -f '/bin/bash /usr/share/rpimonitor/scripts/sunxi-temp-daemon.sh' 2>/dev/null nohup /usr/share/rpimonitor/scripts/sunxi-temp-daemon.sh & service rpimonitor start If you chose the first installation method (compare with http://rpi-experiences.blogspot.fr/p/rpi-monitor-installation.html please) then when RPi-Monitor 2.11 will be released all you've to do is a simple 'apt-get update/upgrade' and you're done. You should keep in mind that when you change templates then create them with a new and unique name otherwise conflicts while doing 'apt-get upgrade' will occur.
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