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  1. Sure! That's the reason we switched to zram. For no other reason than generating troubles. Nope. Absolutely not. Bad idea. (the stuff everyone should upload but nobody looks at then) shows that you never updated any Armbian packages so you're using an outdated configuration (zram-config package from Ubuntu and vm.swappiness set to a low value which is bad). You should backup your SD card, then upgrade your Armbian installation to get latest packages, set vm.swappiness to 100 and adjust /etc/default/armbian-zram-config for a nice overcommitment of 200%: ZRAM_PERCENTAGE=200, then reboot and try again. Those zram devices are not on your SD card (this would be absolutely stupid, ZRAM is about avoiding swap on slow storage like SD cards or HDDs). The next time you report back please show relevant output from armbianmonitor -u while you transferred a bit over FTP (why that? Why not Samba or anything else more sane?) so that swapping behavior can be observed.
  2. tkaiser

    Announcement : Odroid N2

    Funny place here... All the RK3399 'benchmark' results collected so far were done with CONFIG_HZ=1000 (good for a responsive UI in Android and Linux, not so good for normal computing or server tasks) while everywhere around CONFIG_HZ=250 is the default. Is this affecting Blender or not? Anyone tested so far (latest ayufan images switched to CONFIG_HZ=250)? Anyone into Active Benchmarking instead of just firing up the next round of kitchen-sink benchmarks in fire-and-forget mode collecting more numbers without meaning? The challenge with 'overclocking' the N2 is not trottling but stability/reliability as can be easily seen with the cpuminer tests that are sufficient for reliability testing (see N2 notes here). The DVFS OPP are defined in a closed firmware BLOB and the whole thing happens on the Cortex-M3 inside S922X. N2 has no LPDDR4 but DDR4, memory performance depends not just on type of memory but on DRAM initialization (done with BLOBs on both RK3399 and S922X). TL Lim said Rockchip will provide a new BLOB to make use of faster LPDDR4 access on RockPro64 in 2018 but I don't know whether this has already happened or not Memory benchmark scores depend on stuff like dmc or CONFIG_HZ since how would you explain better memory performance when switching from CONFIG_HZ=1000 to CONFIG_HZ=250 on RK3399 (previously known as difference between RK's 4.4 kernel and mainline though it's just different CONFIG_HZ defaults). Same with executing a memory benchmark on a little vs. big core Memory bus width is different between S922X and RK3399 (32-bit vs. 64-bit) but whether this will result in faster execution depends on a lot of factors (application in question, DRAM initialization BLOB, kernel settings, kernel tunables, see dmc memory governor with RK3399, and so on) Added some updates to
  3. tkaiser

    Just a test

    BTW: My take on becoming or preventing to become an asshole moderator:
  4. tkaiser

    Just a test

    I didn't write this. Presenting this BS as part of a post is ensuring people with at least one brain cell left never coming back again. When I came across this initially I thought @memeka would've been brainwashed just to realize that this forum got brainwashed instead.
  5. tkaiser

    Just a test

    Away. If censorship happens I leave. Ask @Tido since his actions in early October were the culprit (he won't understand anyway). Just tried out the 'new forum experience' and am really puzzled what this BS is all about. So this is now a 'support forum' and not a 'community forum' any more, great! Who signed support contracts with whom? Why is it now important to differentiate between questions for 'supported' boards and the others? What has happened to Armbian?
  6. tkaiser

    Just a test

    What about project goals? Why is this a single person's project?
  7. tkaiser

    Htop on xu3/4

  8. tkaiser

    Just a test
  9. tkaiser

    Just a test

    Which kind of idiot 'designed' 4 checkboxes without an alternative each that all have to be checked? What's the purpose of this mess? Anyone awake here?
  10. tkaiser

    NanoPI M4

    Of course. You need to fix this otherwise everything you do is just a waste of time. And it's under-VOLTAGE and not under-current so as long as you ignore Ohm's law you're getting nowhere. The problem is high resistance and most probably (and as usual) the cable between PSU and device is to blame.
  11. tkaiser

    KSZ9031RNX Ethernet IC

    Nope. Needs 3.9 or above.
  12. tkaiser

    systemd 100% CPU on OrangePi One

    ### boot environment: # $OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.100 2016/08/15 12:32:04 naddy Exp $ # This is the sshd server system-wide configuration file. See # sshd_config(5) for more information. # This sshd was compiled with PAT usbstoragequirks=0x2537:0x1066:u,0x2537:0x1068:u,0x0bc2:0x2323:u Smells like filesystem corruption. If the contents of /boot/armbianEnv.txt really look like this garbage you should immediately check installation integrity using armbianmonitor -v.
  13. What should change as long as you keep 'Armbian' your personal project?
  14. Great way to communicate project details. I guess this (keeping this whole thing your private pet) is key to success.
  15. @Igor certificate for expired. @Tido good luck with this sort of poll (no idea why contents of the 'board details' page is now part of download page -- but you might start similar polls for two other totally uninteresting boards: ODROID-C2 and C1)