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  1. built-in option, just using `./stockfish bench` the results for v10 looked here: https://github.com/slashbyte/ChessComputer/wiki/Software-Overview#stockfish-benchmark builded v14 with `mbe8` did not become faster =)
  2. I tried to build Stockfish 10 version and get Nodes/second: 36216 on Raspberry Pi OS Lite 2021, and Nodes/second: 39308 on Raspberry Pi OS Lite 2018.. why 13 and 14 versions give such slow performance? this is normal?
  3. managed to compile with LDFLAGS="- latomic" flag, but all versions: armv7, armv7+optimize=yes, general-32, general-32+optimize=yes have approximately the same performance Nodes / second: 15447, but in another article projects, I saw that on Raspberry Pi Z you can pull out such performance: Nodes / second: 40348 do not tell me what needs to be done for this?
  4. Good day! I'm trying to compile stockfish 14 for RaspberryPi Zero, I managed to create an artifact using ARCH=armv7 and the binary file works, but for ARCH=general-32 I can't build with compilation error: - I created a 4GB swap file - I removed lines in Makefile with '--m $ (bits)' In one of the projects I read that the general-32 stockfish binary works faster on RPiZ. Can you please tell me where to dig next? Compilation error:
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