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  1. I always just use systemd (systemd-networkd and wpa-supplicant) on all my Debian boxes and it works great. NTP is also built in. It's not the most intuitive setup (arch wiki pages are brilliant, as always), but I like the simplicity and integration and not needing NM, wicd, any of the several slightly different dhcp clients or ntpd.
  2. local sounds bad in that path. Where did you get the lib? What's the output to: ldd /usr/local/lib/libwiringPi.so
  3. I finally got one of these as well. I'll see how long it takes for me to find time to get a card, a console, and bootup.
  4. This would be a particularly interesting board because of its price (below tax limits here, making the price that much better). I'm not surprised if the factory docs and images are useless, though. That kind of boards is where Armbian would really shine
  5. The USB device shows up but I think at least those lines don't show any driver taking it. You might still be missing the right one. Do you get any /dev/video* files?
  6. For a lark I wanted to see if a BPi would do as a softsynth. I started with the very nice 2.9 Jessie image* and 4.x kernel, but noticed only then that there's no sound, so I installed the 3.4 packages. After booting, ALSA seems to be working fine wrt line sound output and mixer. I could also play MIDI files with fluidsynth fine and hear clear audio on headphones. Connecting a USB MIDI keyboard also gets detected and its ports show up. Now, fluidsynth as a server won't start and neither does jackd. Both seem to complain about missing /dev/snd/seq. So I'm wondering if there's a kernel module or option missing or if it's an artifact of there being no actual MIDI synth chip available. But it looks like neither fluidsynth nor jack can register themselves for routing MIDI at all. There might of course be some unrelated problem that I haven't noticed. The device is not in reach now so I don't have exact output, but I thought I'd throw this topic up for a start. * Thank you for the effort put into these! It's great to have ongoing development on these boards. Firstboot on 2.9 didn't work unless I resized the partition first to make some free space. I imagine this is probably fixed in a later image as the brokenness note on the page is gone.
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