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  1. 13 hours ago, tkaiser said:


    You don't get it. @Nora Lee edited her post above in the meantime. She posted just directly below the @Lion Wang already posted (you as moderator might see the edit history).


    So I thought it would be a nice joke to again post (which is plain stupid of course since there's no information anyway in that forum post other than a link to the sources) but then decided to switch to https:// since the last time it already worked that great.


    Remember this was a 404 yesterday but an hour ago Bananas delivered. Now they can show their superior performance again and make HTTPS work with their forum so they can again repair a broken link.


    BTW: Armbian is not affected: Accessing will redirect automagically to -- apt with HTTP only is not that much of an issue.



    When I'm in a bad mood, I'm glad to see your posts, because you're like my wife, always chattering, but I can't say no :)  hope you can help us to development BPI-W2

  2. yes , we must signed NDA , if not , we can not begin this project ,You may think it's pointless to start the project because it's not "open source",  but i know some few user need this . so i do it . I'm just finding the balance between "NDA" and "open source".So we need a lot of time.


    PS : I'm just tired of your endless attacks. It doesn't help open source any more,Therefore, I will not reply any messages to you. the best way You can show your support or stand by and look,


    Hey @chwe: what to do with this technical discussion here? 

    this is your target, delete this post or move it .  you can success. i know.

  3. 16 minutes ago, tkaiser said:


    OMG, you Banana folks will never get it. You and RealTek are not just plain GPL violators but if your above statement is true (which I doubt) you act also as stupid as in the past preventing talented community members helping you. Ask @frank-w, ask @Tido (maybe he'll explain to you again the 'release early, release often' benefits)


    My guess is you simply don't get sources from RealTek...

    we coworker with RealTek ,if not RealTek support ,we can not begin this project ,and we get all code ,and  we now work on kernel 4.9,but need some time to development at linux. when we redy ,will release it.



  4. 1 hour ago, lvmc said:


    @Lion Wang M2+ is missing the CPUx voltage regulator, that is a MUST have feature for all your products.


    let me think about it , it mean we need do CE,FCC test,again . and many user have use BPI-M2+ inside they are product . mean we need do double inventory

  5. On 2017/11/10 at 12:07 AM, lvmc said:


    The key point is CSI camera support without extension board, the missing point is no eMMC and tiny embedded RTC module.


    you can check BPI-M2+ ,also can use H2+ chip on BPI-M2+, have support eMMC onboard.