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  1. [Banana Pi BPI-R64] Mainline OpenWRT image
  2. just DDR and PIN define not same. you can see here :
  3. [BPI-R64] buster with new bootchain and linux 5.10
  4. it have public sale .next order will instok now we also design a new module same size as BPI-M2+
  5. Android[edit] android source code: Linux[edit] Linux BSP code: Getting Started with BPI-M5:
  7. this board price about 50 USD . why not add wifi and BT onboad ,Because the GPIO of this chip is too small, if WIFI&BT is added, the available GPIO is too small, so the way of external support is adopted
  8. SM1:BL:511f6b:81ca2f;FEAT:A0F83180:20282000;POC:F;RCY:0;EMMC:0;READ:0;CHK:1F;READ:0;CHK:1F;READ:0;CHK:1F;SD?:0;SD:0;READ:0;0.0;CHK:0; bl2_stage_init 0x01 bl2_stage_init 0x81 hw id: 0x0000 - pwm id 0x01 bl2_stage_init 0xc1 bl2_stage_init 0x02 no sdio debug board detected L0:00000000 L1:00000703 L2:00008067 L3:15000020 S1:00000000 B2:20282000 B1:a0f83180 TE: 411275 BL2 Built : 15:21:42, Mar 26 2020. g12a g486bc38 - gongwei.chen@droid11-sz Board ID = 1 Set cpu clk to 24M Set clk81 to 24M Use GP1_pll as DSU clk. DSU clk: 1200 Mhz CPU clk: 1200 MHz Set clk81 to 166.6M board id: 1 Load FIP HDR
  9. Banana Pi BPI-M5 is a new generation single board computer design , use Amlogic S905X3 Quad-Core Cortex-A55 (2.0xxGHz) Processor. Mali-G31 MP2 GPU with 4 x Execution Engines (650Mhz). support 4GB LPDDR4 and 16G eMMC flash. it have 4 USB 3.0 port,1GbE LAN port. main spec: * Amlogic S905X3 Quad-Core Cortex-A55 (2.0xxGHz) Processor * Mali-G31 GPU * 4GB LPDDR4 * 16GB eMMC flash on board. * 4 USB 3.0 port * 1 GbE LAN por * HDMI output hardware interface: more please see wiki page, we will keep update on wiki documents. http://wiki.banan
  10. Banana Pi BPI-F2P with SunPlus SP7021 chip design for Industrial control gateway
  11. BPI-M4 2GB DDR4 hardware:
  12. #BananaPi BPI-R64 + #MT7615 test #wifi function with #openwrt
  13. #BananaPi BPI-R64 + #MT7615 test #wifi function with #openwrt