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  1. BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band PCIe module Mass production version,support BPI-R64 ,BPI-R2
  2. Banana Pi BPI-W2 (RTD1296) new image : Openwrt Lede with Kernel 4.9
  3. Banana Pi BPI-W2 BPI-W2-openwrt-lede(Linux 4.9) code update to github
  4. Banana Pi BPI-R64 linux 4.19 BSP public on github
  5. Banana Pi BPI-R64 support Microsoft Azure IoT Edge using DPS with TPM 2.0 SLB9670 (ubuntu 18.04) Banana Pi BPI-R64 support Microsoft Azure IoT Edge with TPM 2.0 SLB9670 (DPS: Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service) Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64-bit
  6. This project is for banana-pi W2 board, including U-boot and Linux Kernel 4.9.x.
  7. Banana Pi #BPI-R64 public sale,
  8. this product design base on BPI-R64 5G + 4G LTE+Wifi AC+Gigabit for Converged communication gateway
  9. just BPI-W2 support HDMI-in , this is limited by chip . BPI-M4 with M.2 interface and 8G eMMC flash on board. have public sale :
  10. Banana Pi BPI-R64 mass production version ready
  11. OpenMPTCProuter use MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) to aggregate multiple Internet connections and OpenWrt. and have official support BPI-R2. source code on github:
  12. When I'm in a bad mood, I'm glad to see your posts, because you're like my wife, always chattering, but I can't say no hope you can help us to development BPI-W2
  13. Banana Pi BPI-W2 source code public on github
  14. code have update to github . we now check all code ,and begin debug kernel .
  15. Banana PI BPI-W2 Ubuntu 18.04 New Image Release 2018-09-17