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  1. for the png and ans files. and to view it: by me. =) tell me what you guys think.
  2. here the good sm tube i compiled. works with your accellerated video stuff thanks, smtube 16.7.2_armhf_.deb
  3. smtube stop at version 'X' and needs to be compiled from the updated source code, d you want the smtube_armhf.deb file?
  4. my orange pi plus is operational thanks to you guys whats working: gc2035 and guvcview-h3 smtube compiled by me for perfect youtube 1080p playback (even fullscreen) bluetooth ad2p works, i connect a creative muvo 10 on it, wow. yamaha portable grand midi usb keyboard works, in lmms and my novation drums pads too (yay) shut off console output have a bootlogo (soon a real boatload animation or a video with omx) well thanks everyone only thing interface is greyed in guvcview and i load manually gc2035 camera driver and vie_v4l2 thanks again tkraiser, igor jea
  5. further investigation shows that both my m-audio external card: a m-box first gen (the beige and blue one) and a frasttrack are both recognized but the m-box plays really nice till it starts to output garbage sound after 10 secs of playing whatever. so it's not a lmms issue. and the fastback, well seems to work... intermittently. they're both usb powered.... is it possible that the board dosent supply enough voltage for all that's plugged on it? just a guess like that, i might be really wrong, or maybe the set sample rates are just too high for the orange pi plus le
  6. ok i successfully installed the os, i'll come back later with more feedback. at the moment everything seems to work but this: some midi devices are just ignored when some are working (i guess it must be driver related) because i think the midi device that isn't working is so old (pre 2000 i believe) i dont think midi device was class compliant at time time (i.e.: i need a driver on OS X for it) that is ok, my nice yamaha keyboard and my drums works. nice.... bluetooth support seems to be broken, i can list devices, but not connect to them. i havent tested with my ad2p compa
  7. i see that you guys are actually supporting this...
  8. hello im trying to add midi support into loboris' kernel can anyone help me? or lead me into success? =)
  9. hello my name is jean philippe, i am working with most orange pi products since i bought like 1000$ worth of them from steven 2 years ago. i have the plus, the orange pi h3, and two different a20s i am willing to work in conjunction with you guys right now, i have a (99% fully working stable .img) the only thing i cant get it of the verbose what is the file with arguments on that distro???? boot.cmd cmdline.txt uEnv.txt???? i have no clue how to shut down verbose completely since theres no grub. PLEASE HELP, would be greatly appreciated. i know, this