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  1. @martinayotte The main thing some other folks and myself were looking for was clarity, aka honesty, but it was like pulling teeth. If you read my remarks you will have to acknowledge the many grains of truth. Armbian wouldn't need many contributors and certainly would have much less arguments/confusion if you guys don't spend 80% of your time on repair jobs and insulting folks as opposed to having a decent FAQ and asking, say OPi, to do eMMC on OPi0 as well, a better WiFi job etc. Not all Armbian devs seem to waste their time as above but there are some who claim to be big time "designers" of SATA over USB2 stuff, or GigE over H2+ ! At least acknowledge the facts: is above any innovation, or even a positive attitude? As I keep saying, even volunteers have responsibilities- or they are just people running amok.
  2. @pacifica I actually meant looking at comments on both articles at cnxsoft than the article itself .... It tells you how much respect certain Armbians get trying to answer questions or attempting to abuse others, at more open forums. That is the fun part here. Folks here call everything crap, but keep working on it too ! Why?
  3. @Igor You mixed up the quote, and misspelled too ! Big hurry you have @zador Good. Finally you clear up that OPi0 today simply doesn't have WiFi. Now wouldn't it be nice to have a FAQ upfront on Armbian homepage to clear up all this confusion, updated monthly? But you guys are happy instead spending 80% of your time on repair jobs. Where is the innovation?
  4. @pacifica Thank you for posting ! I have had the same concerns/comments here on Armbian threads ( many deleted/moved with myself receiving ban threats from tkaiser) and also on cnxsoft ... Judge for yourself- read the comments: I also almost made a donation and glad now I haven't !
  5. zador, You are quite selective in your answers. You don't say what the OPi0 does today without an SD card. Is that what users do? Why not redo the $2 expansion board adding flash + DC jack and price accordingly? Wouldn't this be a great option? Are you in favor of GigE/USB3 or SATA USB2 "designs" while claiming OPi0 is not for "high end" use? Do these designs even work?
  6. zador, Ha ha ha... You still can't admit that eMMC doesn't cost more than SD card. And can you use OPi0 without an SD card today? How much would this 16MB SPI cost, just so you can launch OpenWrt on it? Truth finally comes out. What is this talk of high end vs low end by you control freaks? Let the market decide ! After all Xunlong eMMC models can't target a more "upscale" market than their SD card equivalents? So OPi0+ eMMC is a higher end solution than OPi0+ GigE/ USB 3? Oh wait, the latter can't work, so by default, yes, and costing way less too! But then you rather support SATA over USB2 or GigE for H2+ as really trailblazing experiments destined to make you guys look like pioneers. Learn from those real pioneers, Free Electrons. "Volunteers" are not exempt from responsibility towards their communities. You keep destroying Xunlong market share by your design fantasies. But that's their problem anyway. Meanwhile Omega2 has OpenWrt mainlined already; and CHIP has moved up anyway.
  7. zador, So now we are back to OpenWrt after a soldering job after ordering 16MB? Sounds really sensible after hearing much about Armbian. So maybe Omega2 has been on the right path Day1? They sure can add more CPU and memory "eventually." Are you saying external memory will not eat up a USB slot, and that eMMC is much more expensive than the recommended class 10 SD cards? So why does Xunlong have eMMC models; and why haven't you folks warned them ?
  8. There is a difference between being honest and asking for help while being less than honest.
  9. zador, 1. Thanks for being honest about the wifi problem. I wish devs here could admit it earlier but I guess they are too busy inventing SATA for USB2, or for that matter GigE over H2+ ! Their hopeless repair jobs keep them occupied otherwise. Luckily I haven't been stupid enough to buy OPi0 alone- ordered couple other WiFi /eMMC OPis which hopefully can boot fine with Armbian- given my experiences with "volunteer" efforts vs professional ones ( Armbian vs Free Electrons, for instance.) 2. But you seem less forthcoming with SPI 2MB. Clearly success here would still require external memory. Why is it such a pain to admit the facts? What's so terribly wrong with recommending already used eMMC vs "crap" SD cards? Is this just the NIH syndrome?
  10. "Eventually..."???? How about WiFi on OPi0 first, or is that too much? Plus would this eventual Uboot on SPI eliminate the need for SD cards? Why not urge Xunlong for eMMC as for other boards?
  11. @SomeArmbianForumUser Thanks for the details. Hopefully the wiki will get updated soon. So I guess Xunlong never tested this, neither did other Armbians.
  12. jernej, It was used by the OP who brought up the Cedrus topic and tkaiser had replied, on cnx forum.
  13. @jernej Thanks. I actually didn't compare CHIP to Armbian ! Those were my early remarks about CHIP: even though with inferior A13, pulling ahead with hires from Free Electrons. So that was criticizing Xunlong for not hiring/ supporting enough people, just using volunteer help from Armbian, and thus lagging in the market I have made those remarks consistently. On the other hand seeing Armbian spend 70-80% of its time on SD and power repairs, per Zador, is disappointing too. Why not use influence on Xunlong to have an OPi0 version with eMMC ( which will cost same or less than the class 10 sd cards recommended and level the field for all users) and also a DC jack? Much better recommendation than a USB3SATA shield only for OPi0 with USB2! Then of course the problem with the obscure xr819 wifi driver; Realtek chips should have been continued by Xunlong. Those are Armbian inputs Xunlong actually needs, as opposed to a new OPi0 version with GigE and USB3. Let's fix the current products first. Now I see where my confusion was ...Cedrus is open source, which I mixed up with CedarX, the Allwinner proprietary video codec. Because the OP used the term Allwinner Cedrus. I really hope there is a FAQ by Armbian one day.
  14. jernej, Kindly see last few comments below, re:Armbian OS support for Cedrus: I understand the generic h264 efficiency over MPEG4. But I am very confused about HW video acceleration, and Cedrus with Armbian OS. Our last discussion indicated VDPAU, not Cedrus, was supported? Or was I confused? Have things changed? Any details? Bonus question: Can't MT7688 ( as in Omega2) do HW video acceleration under OpenWrt? What's the real issue here? Thanks as usual !
  15. zhup, There is no need for additional software development here. This $2 shield only exposes existing interfaces. So it is already supported.
  16. Some free but pretty good PDF slides on various embedded Linux topics:
  17. Seeing what Igor and then zador said there is big disagreement among devs too. But clearly there is much more waste than my otherwise quite sensible remarks, well mostly, just like for others. According to zador, 70-80% of this Forum is already crap, to use a fav word from one its own devs ! Some guys still cannot answer my questions. Well...See above the "new" Zero Plus" that was being touted couple days ago. Now ain't THIS marketing bull?
  18. Who needs this ? I thought they had abandoned the i96 project in favor of Pi Zero ( the real one.)
  19. Thanks again Yes I know people complain about Realtek, but what is it specifically? Range, throughput, stability, features ( AP, repeater, non- OpenWRT)? Most home routers e.g. TPLink and DLink use Realtek. How much of a perf bottleneck is Realtek compared with Ath9k?
  20. 1. I believe that Realtek is separate from Ralink- Mediatek? 2.So the p2p WiFi Direct can be enabled in Armbian?
  21. jernej, Thanks for all the details. So the short answer for me is the legacy Armbian. Btw, ever heard of a WiFi chip called Ralink/Mediatek 7601? Is this a good chip?
  22. Lots of flaming here and I only discovered the thread just now by accident...No email alerts, but that's OK. 1. Martin, I think your contributions were simply lost. I never said useless, just not useful NOW + with future potential. Also you keep saying a Tut is needed, and another guy says it is already available?? Btw, what additional functionality do we gain now with the 2MB NOR + your code, for my own lessening of confusion...except with external USB/ netboots? 2. Spock, calm down. I plan on making a contribution myself. I called the guy thick when he kept ignoring my point about a lot of good work here. I believe some you guys should read better. Listening is a big problem. And if I forced you to make a contribution, that is a good step too. But then, why could you not make this contribution already, in a calmer state of mind? Something to do with your engineering management? 3. The eMMC + NAND thing was best explained by zador, who said to call it onboard memory. Which is exactly what users care- onboard vs other (SD card, for instance.) Most talk about eMMC being NAND/not is loose in the industry with qualifiers, and thus see zador from earlier. But for someone to say that eMMC cannot ever be (managed) NAND is plain ridiculous. Let's focus on what this all means to the end user ! Hopefully this won't be labeled by the insecure as marketing bullshit 4. For some strange reason, my wish list for v2 OPi0 got viewed as an attack on someone else's "Wiki" on the yet unreleased Zero Plus/2, supposedly the next Zero version; and which clearly has nothing to do with the Zero today. And guess who says that now? Now that is marketing bullshit !!! 5. Again, as the great sunxi himself said: Embrace your (fr)enemy (CHIP), not oppose. Let's acknowledge they did a great job and Armbian OS+ OPi can do even better. This has been my bet all along. 6. zador mentioned 50% of Forum discussion is about (bad) SD card problems, maybe 20-30% about power. What a waste of talent and time ...Ever thought about it, seriously? That tells me eMMC is not a bad idea and regardless of how crappy that guy calls it, the same guy has written tomes on how bad a lot of SD cards are ! OPi and other SBC vendors must have a good reason to use eMMC on their "Plus" models. So let's stop calling it crap. Just as for xr819 which the same guy says now is really no better/worse than AP6212 or RTL8189, except that the XR driver has problems ( hopefully to be fixed by Martin in a month?) Cheap SBCs will have cheap parts, but they can be optimized as we all know. So there should be less effort on SD card and power posts, and more on ??? If you really want to argue, don't do it selectively. You are the majority here, and it is your Forum after all. But be OPEN. PS. I see you folks are fascinated, writing all these posts. I got your attention.
  23. jernej, I just read the H3 OPi OpenElec wiki and the listed GitHub Readme file: Questions: I want to use OPi0, Lite and PC Plus for media player ( 720p HDMI/TVout streaming and USB camera video inputs) plus "good" WiFi. No video-games/3D, just TV channels streaming. H264 should suffice for decoding. 1. Is OpenElec better than Armbian? The text above isn't clear on WiFi or Ethernet support. Also, how about power regulation as on Armbian, or is there a good alternative? 2. Will TVheadend and VLC work on OpenElec? OpenElec currently uses CedarX so is the VPU offloading video decoding from CPU? Above you seemed to say VLC codec is well supported by H3 hardware? Does this support depend upon Armbian vs OpenElec? My interest in VLC is obvious: best supported codec around with multi-streaming support claimed. Whether this multi-streaming extends to ARM, specifically H3, is the real question ! 3. Any multi-streaming support on OpenElec? 4. Re: your above answer, can you mentioned a cheap enough ath based USB WiFi dongle? I will search on Ali Express. By Wifi same story, I meant the prospect of streaming multiple outputs at same time to WiFi Direct or Miracast ( Linux Miraclecast) HDMI dongles attached to TV sets.
  24. Hmm...So eMMC cannot be called NAND? Just like technically speaking XR819 is OKish, but well, it is also just confusing and crap, like all other cheap SBC wifi chips. But then, hey, why can't they put expensive WIFi on cheap SBCs???
  25. hmartin, Now you got touchy. Who said you need a product manager boss??? How many fuc**ng times have I said I appreciate all you guys's volunteer work? Are you that thick ??? I explained my POV which is as good or bad as anyone else's. Stop complaining and reading me selectively. If you were doing pretty well you wouldn't have so many same questions without good answers.