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  1. martinayotte, Thank you very much. When sync () is described after fclose (), it can operate normally. Since raspbian was able to operate without problems, I thought whether it was a problem on the system. It seemed that there was no problem with raspbian, it happened by chance.
  2. Hi. The following happened. When power is suddenly cut off in emmc, the file contents created by fopen (), fprintf (), fflush() and fclose () are not saved after rebooting. It seems that it has not been physically written out while being cached. If display the file before cutting off the power, the contents are correctly saved. In addition, if it is normally reboot it is saved correctly.
  3. Thank you reply. Oh bad. I need i2s. if it have i2s, it was the best product for me.
  4. OK. Thanks. But, I want to do auto mount, not manual mount. I know, It seems that the mount fails with codepage. Old system need codepage for convert language code. Currently it is almost unified with UTF - 8, so it seems that only iocharset is OK. It is now automounted by specifying only iocharset. (FS_MOUNTOPTIONS="-fstype=vfat,iocharset=utf8,gid=pi,dmask=0000,fmask=0111")
  5. Thank you for reply. I examined, on /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf follow is ok. FS_MOUNTOPTIONS="-fstype=vfat,gid=pi,dmask=0000,fmask=0111" but adding iocharset and codepage seems to be an error. (ex. FS_MOUNTOPTIONS="-fstype=vfat,iocharset=utf8,codepage=932,gid=pi,dmask=0000,fmask=0111") Since raspbian (on Raspberry Pi) can work without problems, will not it be possible for armbian to work properly?
  6. On Orange Pi PC +, usbmount is installed but USB memory is not recognized. How can I determine if it is a device issue or a software configuration problem? (Version 5.23)
  7. sorry. Did not seem to be displayed properly when once not the access to the folder. Even if the df -h immediately after login, was Michigae because looked like not mounted.
  8. It was set to mount cifs in fstab, but seem not automatically mount. Since this is not supported?
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