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  1. Thanks @Werner. Any suggestions where I might be able to look to see what's going on with HDMI? Happy to dig/explore, just don't know where to start.
  2. Hi, I was looking to into overlays as something that I maybe needed to fiddle with. In the documentation (https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Armbian_overlays/) is points to /boot/armbianEnv.txt but this file doesn't exist. Is the equivilant file: /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf for these images? There is only a line FDT but it seems to point to /boot/dtb/rk3188-ugoos-ut2.dtb Regards Cameron.
  3. Hi, Firstly I have searched the forums, google and docs.armbian.com before posting this. I have and old TV Box (specs below) that I would like to try and re-purpose as a Home Assistant server. I'm not looking to do anything else with it. If you feel I'm wasting time here and would be better off buying some supported device, please say so. So far: 1) Have created and SD Card from @balbes150 repository - specifically buster with no desktop (https://users.armbian.com/balbes150/rk3188/) 2) Device boots from SD Card but no HDMI output. (If I boot the stock Android ROM - HDMI works perfectly.) 3) Wired LAN works and I can SSH to the box, create an account, etc. (WiFi doesn't seem to be working - I tried adding in ntmui but I can't make it activate) Ideally I would like to; 1) Get HDMI working - I believe USB Keyboard and Mouse might be working - I see them in lshw output 2) Get Wifi working - But this isn't a deal breaker 3) Backup the android firmware and put Armbian on the internal storage 4) There is also IR, SPDIF outputs but these are nice to have's - I believe also I mioght need to do something to enable hardware video accelaeration, but for my needs, again not critical. <EDIT> 5) Bluetooth and the 8GB onboard storage </EDIT> Can you please point me to the appropriate articles/info/tasks for the above? I"m happy to work things out for rmyself if I need to but I don't know where to start. TV Box Specs: RK3188. Brand is CloudGateCircle but lshw specifies product: UGOOS UT2 (ARMv7 rev 0 v71) 2GB RAM, 8GB Internal Storage I can run any commands/post output, files, photos, etc. (armbianmonitor-U attached) Thanks in advance Cameron. armbianmonitor-U.txt
  4. Resolved by using a different imaeg download. so was working the whole time.
  5. Sorry - you are right. With all the searching, didn't realise I had stumbled on an RK3318 post. My box is RK3188. I will use the images from @balbes150 but can you point me to a tool like multitool but for RK3188?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to get the abvoe working but despite trying multiple SD cards, checking power supply, etc. I can't get my TVBox to boot from the SDCard. Any suggestions/tips/tricks? Thanks
  7. I have now tried a new Class 10 SD card and the same problem still persists. I am using the original power supply as well and there are no power issues. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, Newbie here. I have an old CloudGate TV Box. It's an RK3188 based unit that I want to try an repurpose for Home Automation. I downloaded the multitool image, used BalenaEtcher to burn it to an SD Card. Popped the SD Card into the TV Box and turned it on. Unfortunately it just booted into the standard Android OS not the multitool. If I use the file explorer on the box it can see the SD Card and the files on it. Am I missing a step? Or is there something I need to do to boot from SD? thanks.
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