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  1. Thanks for the pointer to the serial. I hooked up a USB to TTL which worked great. It was complaining about a bad CRC or and falling back to net boot. Anyway reinstalled to the emmc and all good now.
  2. That seems to imply nand-sata-install does not remove the BROM signature from the SDCARD? I did not do it manually - so I wonder why it is not booting from the SDCARD.
  3. I can't boot in to either the emmc or sdcard - I will try a clean installation of armbian on an sdcard tonight, but my understanding is that it will not boot off the sdcard if there is a valid boot image in the emmc?
  4. Hi Guys, I installed armbian on an SD Card and the installed it to the eMMC. Which all worked fine. After a bit of tinkering, it would no longer boot (no ssh access) and when I insert the original sd card now it wont boot from that either. I think I read that the it won't boot from the sd card if there is a valid boot record on the eMMC, so what can I do now? Thanks
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