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  1. I am currently using Solidrun SbC (ICUBOX and HUMMINGBOARD) and a couple of weeks ago I updated UBUNTU on the Hummingboard to release 18.04 and lost internet..no more network. So try to fix that with no success so after many hours I decided to rebuild the OS with Armbian Buster but I cannot boot from my sd card (sd was flashed with Etcher). So did a surface check with no problems found. I thought it was power supply but I can boot from Android (Cubox and Hummingboard ) so PS should be good. My sd cards are Sandisk extreme 16 gigs. Since I did not build a bootable sd card since 3 years ago, I must have done something wrong but I don’t know what? Does the sd has to be formatted with a specific format or just unzip the Armbian and flash it? I am lost, so need help..thanks. My next move would be to get my app back on OSx or Widows but i have to forget using Solirun devices (I mean Linux).
  2. Hi, Is nand-sata-install script still included in Armbian_4.5_Cubox-i_Debian_jessie_3.14.54.raw ? Thanks
  3. Thanks Igor, I misslead you to a certain point with my question. I do not have Galcore in my system apparently(Wheezy), and I tought that an upgrade to Jessie would solve the problem(get galcore installed) but still have the same problem..the upgrade does not work because of that Galcore. I need Galcore and I do not know why I do not have it and how to get it. I need Galcor to install my USB monitor with displaylink. I do not need to upgrade to Jessie.. Your help is really appreciated, Thanks again
  4. I am new (very new) to Linux and I am using a Hummingboard configured wit Igor package (that may not be the way you call that) and trying to upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie following Armbian documentation. That does not seem to work...missing dependencies or something like that. Here is what I am getting (from terminal). "root@cubox-i:~# dpkg -r ramlog dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove ramlog, only the config files of which are on the system; use --purge to remove them too root@cubox-i:~# cp /etc/apt/sources.list{,.bak} root@cubox-i:~# sed -i -e 's/ \(old-stable\|wheezy\)/ jessie/ig' /etc/apt/sources.list root@cubox-i:~# apt-get updateHit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates Release.gpg Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates Release.gpg Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie Release.gpg Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates Release.gpg Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports Release.gpg Hit http://download.mono-project.comalpha Release.gpg Hit http://download.mono-project.comwheezy Release.gpg Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie Release Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates Release Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates Release Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates Release Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports Release Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/main Sources Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/main Sources Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/main Sources Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/contrib Sources Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/contrib Sources Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/non-free Sources Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/contrib Sources Hit http://download.mono-project.comalpha Release Hit http://download.mono-project.comwheezy Release Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/main armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/non-free Sources Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/non-free Sources Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/contrib armhf Packages Hit http://download.mono-project.comalpha/main armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/main armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/main armhf Packages/DiffIndex Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/non-free armhf Packages Hit http://download.mono-project.comwheezy/main armhf Packages Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/contrib Translation-en Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/contrib armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/contrib armhf Packages Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/main Translation-en Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/non-free armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/non-free armhf Packages Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/non-free Translation-en Ign http://download.mono-project.comalpha/main Translation-en Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/main armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/contrib Translation-en Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/contrib Translation-en Ign http://download.mono-project.comwheezy/main Translation-en Hit http://security.debian.orgjessie/updates/main Translation-en Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/main Translation-en/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/main Translation-en Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-updates/non-free Translation-en Hit http://ftp.de.debian.orgjessie/non-free Translation-en Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/main Sources/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/contrib Sources/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/non-free Sources/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/main armhf Packages/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/contrib armhf Packages/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/non-free armhf Packages/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/contrib Translation-en/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/main Translation-en/DiffIndex Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/non-free Translation-en/DiffIndex Err http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/non-free armhf Packages Hit http://ftp.debian.orgjessie-backports/non-free armhf Packages Hit http://repo.jm0.eu./ Release.gpg Hit http://repo.jm0.eu./ Release Hit http://repo.jm0.eu./ Sources Hit http://repo.jm0.eu./ Packages Ign http://repo.jm0.eu./ Translation-en Reading package lists... Done root@cubox-i:~# apt-get --download-only dist-upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages have unmet dependencies: gpu-viv-bin : Depends: galcore- E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f. root@cubox-i:~#" If anybody has an answer to solve this problem, that would be very appreciated. Thanks for any help
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