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  1. thanks, i'm trying now, i moved to NEXT kernel, too
  2. hi, i'm trying to run docker on an orange pi +2E, using armbian xenial well, using default legacy kernel, i can see /dev/spi* and /dev/i2c* and the like BUT i can't have docker-ce running with this kernel... so i swapped to the DEV kernel, now i've setup docker-ce but lost completely the hw support... which is the best setup to have both, so i can pass local hw devices to docker containers and have access to gpio and serial? thanks
  3. it seems that the H2+ is an H3 without 4K support... useless on a board without hdmi...
  4. already said on facebook... you are doing spam everywhere, and with a product which is a rip-off/clone of the witty esp8266 board, which exists from months, now...