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  1. Hi, same problem, after armbian-add-overlay vga.dts nothing works: no VGA, no HDMI. Does latest armbian supports cubietrack vga mode? Also I've tried this thing(during boot I press space and the enter commands): setenv video-mode sunxi:1360x768-24@60,monitor=vga,edid=1 saveenv reset saveenv says: Failed to save. Is this still true?
  2. Hi, is it possible to connect to open wifi network from debian wheezy on my Cubietruck? Tried many ways, googled a lot, have no solution. Wpa2 networks works great, but not open wifi. Please help!
  3. I remebered that some time ago I wrote a script to partition nand based on someones script. #!/bin/bash card='/dev/disk/by-id/mmc-SD02G_0xa361fa92' targetdir='rootfs' echo "Copying to rootfs/root..." echo "" cp ./sd2nand/ ${targetdir}/root cp ./sd2nand/ ${targetdir}/etc/init.d echo "Copying bootpartition.tar.gz to rootfs/root..." echo "" cd ./sd2nand/bootpartition/ tar -zcvf bootpartition.tar.gz ./* cd ../../ mv ./sd2nand/bootpartition/bootpartition.tar.gz ${targetdir}/root read -p "Done. Press Enter... " -n1 -s echo "" echo "Un
  4. I thought that it may be part of your script. Thank you for the help!
  5. Maybe will be useful for you. I found one nand install script on github: There is using of nand-part for creating partitions. This script will partition nand itself before copying bootfs and rootfs. And there will be no need to flash lubuntu to make good partitioning before using nand-sata-install
  6. Oh, God! Got it worked. After installing your latest image I saw a message from driver that 256KiB of coherent pool is insufficient. Added coherent_pool=2M to extraags of uEnv.txt and became very happy!!! On 3.4.106 kernel worked too!
  7. I need to use i2c, uart, sound, gpio and nand. As I understood not all of this would work in vanilla kernel? I thought about newer kernel because my wifi adapter driver is in kernel since 3.10.
  8. Is it possible to use kernel newer than 3.10 in your debian wheezy?
  9. Script.bin is copied correct. Why are you converting image, can't I just copy it?
  10. error messages looks like this: RtmpAsicLoadFirmware: ver 21/21, sum cdf7/cdf7, mac cdf72100 NICLoadFirmware: firmware loaded already Error in Alloc Bulk buffer for HTTxContext! RTMPAllocTxRxMemory failed, Status[=0x00000003] RTMPFreeTxRxRingMemory RTMPFreeTxRxRingMemory rt28xx Initialized fail!!!
  11. Thank you, after installing lubuntu and executing nand-sata-install system booted. But I've got one error. I compiled wi-fi driver to use usb wifi module. Wifi works well while system was on sd-card. After copying system to nand driver shows some errors and module doesn't work. Can you give me some advice to make it work?
  12. HI! I have debian wheezy with kernel 3.4.106. When I ran nand-sata-install script, it executed successfully. But after that system doesn't boot from nand. Just black screen. Any help please?