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  1. Took some time to resume working on it... At the moment, i'm only able to get Kodi working fine with hw decoding. MPV and VLC are a no-go. MPV log
  2. Yes, i used some of the LibreElec patches and kwiboo and lrusak ffmpeg forks, i will recheck my sources and test your suggestion. thanks a lot
  3. Kodi with KMS/DRM/GBM backend only Tried MPV, but it didn't seem to work . Looks like MPV is not supported we're tweaking the sources and scripts to release a new RetrOrangePi version , so hopefully a working tutorial will be available soon
  4. Hi there, RetrOrangePi developer here. You will definitely get the perfect solution from Jernej, but this is just to keep your hopes high, achieved by experimenting with several sources so i will need some time to get documentation and tutorials straight