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  1. Naw its working but i have cuted of the edges i on boot i dont see [OK] only K]
  2. My sd card is locked :/ and its not burning. Toot is stack on "starting burning" i have good card sony 8gb class 10
  3. If i can i try new armbian but my sd card is dont formating it is locked i dont now how i can unformat and burn armbian again.
  4. Its say Script must be executed. Exiting
  5. its give the qestion if i need change resolucion i presh yes but i dont now how to make this. get stuck and i turn off and on the orange pi and is normaly booting but is stop on informations ...
  6. I have problem whit armbian i have orange pi pc plus and is load but last loaded informacion is cpu heat, memory capaciti... What i must press ? Pls help
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