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  1. Just got my two OPi-Zero boards in the mail today. I have similar issue here on Windows 7 so I don't think your Mac is the problem. Using the latest Xenial beta image I can ping the OPi-Zero via the router but any attempt at an ssh connection is refused. In Raspbian on the RPi I can change the IP address of the ethernet connection by editing config.txt but since Armbian doesn't have a FAT32 partition or similar setup method this isn't possible. Thus the only way to run headless is via wifi, which ain't working. Bummer.
  2. So you're saying that reporting build problems with the toolchain for the OPi Zero is off-topic for the subject of OPi Zero? Thptptptpt. Wow, I guess I had better find some "real problems" then, whatever they might be.
  3. Had some weird error messages building Xenial for the OPi Zero. After extraction and "Applying distribution specific tweaks" I got: `sed can't read /home/pi/output/cache/sdcard/etc/ssh/sshd_config` then a few lines later: `sed can't read /home/pi/output/cache/sdcard/etc/lirc/hardware.conf` (3 times) Then there was a cp error from the same .../lirc directory. I ended up with an image but not sure if it will run.
  4. Just bought two of the 512MB cards off AliExpress a couple of days ago and currently building Xenial. I think the Orange Pi Zero has a great future.