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  1. Well, one might say, problem solved? But curious enough, but building a local address shouldn't be too difficult only make a complete other one? And why? Thank you at any rate
  2. Oh no, sorry, MAC is the only thing working constant and correct. MAC is always the same, only the IPv6 is changing. IPv4 ist changing too bur this is matter of DHCP of a horrible router from Alcatel I have to live with. How are IPv6 are made and what is the programm used for it?
  3. Linux 2b8e 4.14.150-odroidxu4 #2 SMP PREEMPT Mon Oct 28 08:07:45 CET 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux DB 10.5 updates and upgraded High everybody AAMOE the starting procedure brings very often a new address for local use. As XU4 should be reachable by some other machines automatcally withour searching seconds an seconds I wonder if DHCP6 could help, when searching takes too much time and they already do have fixed IPv6 adresses and DHCP is disgusting. So, how the IPv6 ist made in Armbian? TIA
  4. If there are owners of ODROID maybe someone woult like to give "nmon" a chance
  5. Well I looked at https://linuxjourney.com/ carefully but by lack of all systemD commands it might be a little bit outdated, Routing is not worth to be mentioned as IPv6 never ist mentioned
  6. Well I looked at https://linuxjourney.com/ carefully but by lack of all systemD commands it might be a little bit outdated, Routing is not worth to be mentioned as IPv6 never ist mentioned
  7. sudo reboot Reboot try systemctl reboot sudo shutdown now Shutdown try systemctl poweroff systemctl restart gpm often needed with debian - " - start, stop, .... program instead of /etc/init.d/program startm restart, stop journalctl -b -p err Bootmeldungen, dazu nur die Fehlermeldungen wasaschaßis, weil da haddascho gestiefelt --since-yesterday journalctl --since=2012-10-15 --until="2011-10-16 23:59:59" journalctl -u httpd --since=00:00 --until=9:30 journalctl /dev/sdc journalctl /usr/sbin/vpnc journalctl -o verbose -n journalctl -xe journalctl -b > /0/jounalctl-ge4-ox.txt journalctl -b > /7/journalctl_gd3_.txt systemctl status tahoe-lafs.service systemctl -t service systemd-cgls | less? systemctl -a systemctl list-unit-files | less systemctl -r systemctl --failed systemctl --now systemctl --message=ciao --halt systemctl poweroff never --force systemctl start sshd systemctl status /dev/sda = systemctl status dev-sda.device systemctl status /home = systemctl status home.mount systemctl stop sshd@*.service systemctl kill crond.service systemctl stop sshd systemctl kill crond.service better than killall -9 or kill systemctl enable example1 systemctl disable example1 systemctl disable ntpd.service ' systemctl stop ntpd.service systemctl link /path/to/foo.service systemctl status networking.service systemctl list-units 'systemctl status bluetooth.service' and 'journalctl -xn' ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/ntpd.service systemctl daemon-reload BUT systemd-analyze plot > /tmp/plot.svg fascinating!
  8. As having to get along with old alcatel and debian I come along with this script for DHCP is crap. ip link set dev enp4s0 down ip addr del dev enp4s0 ip addr add dev enp4s0 local broadcast ip link set dev enp4s0 up For the other netcard I have to add ip route add default dev enp4s6 src via now everthing works fine here. Never use alcatel!
  9. AFAIK i really use often commands with systemctl and pure ip. Both are very useful. Especially "ip"for all problems with net. systemD is worth to learn about Ciao
  10. Hi Igor! I have another question as I have again and again starting from the very beginning. USB-sticks are kept in mind by kernel by /dev/disk/by-uuid allthough it is not inserted and so the kernel crashes. All the work ist gone. I only think about copying the SD-card at a point, when all works fine for not allways have to start from the very beginning. Wouldn't it be a better thing to divide to emmc and SD-card? OK, if kernel crashes it wouldn't help either. It just because it is so disgusting. Do you have a better idea? Odroid-XU4 Armbian-10 (I hate buster, it sounds like bastard :)
  11. One should try reportbug - vim-common - and if this ist reported version (2:8.0.0197-4+deb9u1) in debian stretch you are lost. Start with apt pinning for testing: 2:8.1.0549-1 and maybe it would help you. Vim in debian stretch will not be repaired.
  12. Does anybody ever get a solution for that problem? In VT trying to mark something via pointer this is not possible while editing in vim So I do "systemctl restart gpm" and pointer can mark text ........ BUT! vim switches to "-- VISUAL --' and cannot be used any longer! With arrow-keys one can go arround but all text is goin to be marked. You have to press the escape key for quite a long time. This is XAB extraordinary annoying behavior I don't know if debian people are not willing to repair that or don's know how to do that. I did make several reports but just get stupid answers. Sorry for wanting to use: console AND vim AND gpm
  13. well, some annoying behaviors, extremly annoying, really do ip link set dev enx001e06322b8e down and then ip addr show ip link is up again !!!!!!!!!! WHY? >8-0 Well try that, open a file, insert ip --force link set dev enx001e06322b8e down ip addr del dev enx001e06322b8e ip addr add dev enx001e06322b8e local broadcast ip -force link set dev enx001e06322b8e up close it and make chown "file" 755 and now it is better This is new in stretch ans idiotic. BUT! did you change /etc/network/interfaces? I'm afraid it has to be changed too a don't want to reboot now.....
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