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  1. Well, it's lame but works for me. First I compiled kernel without sun8i_thermal module and placed it on SD. System booted, temp readings like -78000. Ended up with blacklisting that module so I can use stock kernels with same result.
  2. Yeah, I thought about something like that, but can't figure out where dig to. Is there shorter way than recompiling kernel with disabled thermal?
  3. Hi I trying to return in work OPi+2e board but faced some odd thing. When I trying to boot Armbian I getting temperatures about 180C which leads to shutdown during booting. It reproduceable with all versions from hirsute/5.12.15 back to oldest avaliable bionic/5.4.8 Official Ubuntu xenial/5.3.5 works fine, but /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp gives negative readings (like about -76500) Installed on eMMC old RetrOrangePi which is Armbian jessie/3.4.113 also works but gives zero (exactly 0) temp reading. Finger test gives "room temperature" reading and "warm" while old OS works. Definetly not 180C Board itself is from 2017, worked as media player with active cooling so I doubt it was overheated but will not be surprised if it's hardware degradation issue. Anyway, any ideas how to get it working with current Armbian? Personaly I'm fine with wrong temp reading if board works. Tried to add thermal.nocrt=1 with no success, probally did something wrong. buster / 5.10.34 boot log
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