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  1. talraash

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x

    On mainline - compile kernel, v4l2 m2m etc. with custom patches or wait when it merge to stable. For 3.14 use kodi. For 3.14(and software decoding in mainline) and x11 - partial solution --vo=x11 and --sws-scaler=fast-bilinear or equal if you don't use mpv. It cause high cpu usage but give you playable 720p and some 1080p video. Most problem with mpv - it use by default vo=opengl, it cause huge framedrop(yep, soft mesa) so if you want soft decoding use special flags or vo=x11 upd @Baloven
  2. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    If you need full kodi functional and compatibility use libreelec...
  3. How many people with this problem use armbian? And more how many linux users are experiencing the same problem? How many users solve this problem by changing the mirror? In your case, this is a fight against symptoms, not problem. It is very likely that you RTT to the server is large(or another of the network problems solved by standard means), so TCP's slow start is "slow", and then the small window size limits the speed. This can be tweaked by standard means.
  4. Such a large increase in speed is primarily related to the network settings of you and / or your provider. In most cases, for most users, the apt allows to download at the maximum available network speed ...
  5. amm.. but the author of script says that it use "multiples mirror for increase download speed" and in apt-fast.conf you can add multiples mirror. In any case for most users it pointless and more it may increase disk and cpu usage with no benefits.
  6. Maybe, first step - try other repository mirror for upgrade you download speed?) As far as i know apt-fast still limited by you connection, it just download files from different mirror, so if you have some troubles for connection to one mirror... It's like p2p if some peer can give you traffic with max you channel speed, you can't take benefits with more connection ... And yes, i don't have fiber and some mirrors give me full speed, some are much lower. This is the question of the route to a specific mirror.
  7. talraash

    Compile FFmpeg aml for S905w

    Many clue you can find in armbian documentation... And you can compile "kernel only" for s9xx box from balbes150 fork https://github.com/150balbes/Build-Armbian
  8. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    As I already wrote about external players, for html5 player in the browser scaling is also extremely difficult task. The same video is played in full screen mode. The first is 360p and as you can see, a significant frames dropped. Second, 720p native screen resolution and frames dropped only at the moment of ui appearance. So for 1080p this is less relevant, but for 720p screen resolution, any video with a resolution of 720p is preferable, even more than video with a lower resolution in all image with kernel 3.14.29.
  9. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    Mmmm... But help text on screen give all this clue)
  10. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    In my case dmix don't work correct on s905x device. I did not solve this problem, because these devices rarely need to mix sound from several sources.
  11. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    It's pulseaudio problem i saw this problem very often but if delet pulseaudio and alsa-utils problem was gone... But, without pulseaudio in linux(read as alsa) no easy way to use sound mixing(just one sound from one source in same time)
  12. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    yep, it's just different version of libmali(mali-5...mali-7) @shippy What kind of problems do you have in kodi? I see low cpu usage in h264/1080p so hw decoding and acceleration work correct in armbian/kodi
  13. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    s905w Don't support usb 3.0 on soc level ) Try other dtb
  14. talraash

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    Tried bionic, work fine(install package from repo, uninstall etc. mpv from default repo work fine). I did not find any bugs or problems.... thanks.
  15. talraash

    New forum UI!!

    Any chance for black... or not white forum theme?