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  1. Hello, I have 2 Orange Pi Zero boards, one with 256MB RAM and one with 512MB RAM. I tried running both: Armbian_5.25_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113.img and Armbian_5.24.170110_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_xenial_4.9.0.img, but the same thing happens. When I power on the OPZ, a few seconds later the Red LED starts blinking and doesn't stop... The issue is present on both boards. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, Im using a Orange Pi Zero, running nginx with Nextcloud. Im noticing 99.99% usage on the IO reported by iotop, but disk read and disk write show 0%. Even a refresh on the homepage bumps it up to the top of the IO list. As far as I am informed... isn't kswapd0 supposed to deal with swap memory and go wild when I am about to run out of RAM? I have disabled (hopefully), my swap partition, but I am still getting this. I have commented out the swap line in fstab... htop reports 0KB SWAP. It doesn't seem that I am running out of memory. About 50% of it appears to be free
  3. Hello, I changed my memory card from a 8GB one to a 16GB one and I moved everything with Win32DiskImager, by reading the old one and writing to the second one. Can I expand my filesystem like on the first boot? Im running Jessie on a Orange Pi Zero. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I've noticed that my Orange Pi Zero starts throttling at 65C and it will just freeze up until I give it a nice BJ so it cools down. Is there a setting that I can tweek to increase that? Im running the latest Armbian image from the download page. P.S. - I know the risks of running it at high temperatures and so on and so on and so on... at 7$ a pop I really really do not care.
  5. Something real... Photographed by: AntwanDesign Download Here! P.S. - Its encoded in .png ... it should be in .jpeg for size efficiency!
  6. The image was made for this contest ONLY! Designed by: AntwanDesign
  7. Minimalistic Flat Design Minimalisti, yet complex, this wallpaper represents a CPU on a silicon wafer with a PCB design. The design has infinite background color possibilities as shown in the GIF below: Designed by: AntwanDesign EDIT: Here is a .zip with 8 color variations in ALL resolutions: DOWNLOAD HERE!
  8. Armbian - Universal Operating System, therefore the universe reference with a slight hint of a PCB design backlighting the earth from the right... It is a custom designed image, all required resolutions provided. The image was made for this contest ONLY! Designed by: AntwanDesign AntwanDesign -