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  1. I'll try to figure it out. I just want to thank you for you help.
  2. OK gathered enough courage to edit script.fex and compile it to script.bin and then reboot: [uart3] uart_used = 1 uart_port = 3 uart_type = 4 uart_tx = port:PA13<3><1><default><default> uart_rx = port:PA14<3><1><default><default> I have HC-12 RX wire going to Orangepipc pin 8 (PA13 TX) and HC-12 TX wire going to Orangepipc pin 10 (PA14 RX) Now sending using /dev/ttyS3 appears to work, but receiving not. What could be the problem? Other Orange Pi PC features seem towork fine (Putty, net etc)
  3. Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify. I'd rather not change script.bin in fear I mess something. If I connect the RX and TX wires from the HC-12 to the 1+2 (GND, RX,TX) pins next to the HDMI connection (should ground be connected as well?) can I leave script.bin as it is? Will it affect Putty? If If have to change: [uart1] uart_used = 0 -> [uart1] uart_used = 1 will I then have "/dev/ttyS1" available. Where shoul the HC-12 RX/TX wires then go?
  4. I have OrangePi PC and I'd like to use HC-12 serial communications device. I've successfully used it with RaspberryPi Zero with these instructions: I've found this useful info: I've connected the HC-12 to OPPC as follows: VIN – Connect to 3.3 (PIN 2) GND – Connect to GND (PIN 6) RX – Connect to (PIN 8, UART0_TXD) TX – Connect to (PIN 10, UART0_RXD) I've got Putty connected to OrangePi. command "ls /dev/tty*" shows that I have /dev/ttyS0. I've tried to use it with Minicom: sudo minicom -b 9600 -o -D /dev/ttyS0 no avail. "uname -a" command shows "Linux orangepipc 3.4.113-sun8i #68 SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 19 10:23:30 CEST 2018 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux" I opened the script.fex and it shows: ...etc. I have no clue what these mean. The first useful info above mentions that I should modify them. What should I try next?
  5. I read the posts. From what I gather from it is that a lot of work is needed and it's not an easy task
  6. What is the the best reasonably priced camera module for Orangepi models these days? Raspberry has 5 and 8 megapixel camera modules from 7-30 euros. Orangepi has only 2 megapixel cameras. Or has a 5MP cameramode come available for Orangepi also? I've looked at Aliexpress and nothing seems to have changed.
  7. Ah, I found a solution. I reformatted the sd card again and instead of using the display I used putty to first enter everything including h3disp settings that enable me to see what is going on and what it is asking. Thinking back I now recall that that was what I did a year ago when facing the same problem .
  8. I've installed Armbian again. Initially I logged in as root and 1234 password which worked. Then it asked to change the password. Something wen't wrong with it. My OrangePi PC boots fine and ok. When I open a terminal and try to do a "sudo this that" it asks my password and won't accept the one I gave, nor 1234. I've done the full installation a couple of times and same problem persists. How do I rest root password? The problem is that everytime I re-install everything and I'me at the very firts log (where I enter root and 1234) the screen scrolls so that I cannot see what it is asking since my monitor is 1600x1024. That I why I need to reset password afterwards. I' the only user.
  9. I have a small C program where a GPIO pin on Orange Pi is polled using digitalRead. It works fine and detects HIGH and LOW as expected. When I put a dupont wire with nothing connected at the other end (ie. just extend the GPIO pin) digitalRead starts registering intermittent HIGHs and LOWs wildly. What the heck am I seeing? I have a Raspberry 3 nearby and it does not show this phenomenom. Using digitalWrite on the pin works as expected.
  10. I get systemctl: unrecognized option '--now" I also tried sudo systemctl disable ssh I did something but not disabling ssh (I tried with Putty).
  11. How do I disable SSH and then enable it later?
  12. I hear that Orange Pi 2E has 1GB network speed and an USB3 port. In my project I paln to use an SBC as a network bridge and sniff traffic for problems. A simple network tap would otherwise be ok but they come only with 10/100Mbd speed limit. What I'd do have two ethernet ports on the Orange Pi, one regular and one via USB3. No to my question: are Orange Pi capable for this or is the advertised network/USB3 speed buggy/lacking? I have one Orange Pi PC for a file server and it has been running for weeks just fine. Raspberry Pi's are fine to (albeit still no 1GB ethernet). Raspberry Zero's have issues (mine seem to lock up after a couple of days).
  13. I tried the examples for example: ffmpeg -t 30 -f v4l2 -channel 0 -video_size 1280x720 -i /dev/video0 -pix_fmt nv12 -r 30 -b:v 64k -c:v cedrus264 test.mp4 but I get an error "Unknown encoder 'cedrus264'" How do I download it. I an using Armbian & OrangePi PC and a sunxi ribbon camera.
  14. After downloading newest version (sudo apt-get update) the problem has gone away.
  15. When I boot Orange Pi PC loads and the "Ambian" gui loads with graphical desktop. When it has fully loaded I like my own program to load as well - after everything else has been loaded. In raspberry pi LXDE dekstop I edit a script "sudo nano ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart". What is the Armbian equivalent?