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  1. OK, so i read some headers and a few documentations but what i understand, it's that gadgetfs bind musb drivers, and when i check into linux/drivers/usb/musb/sunxi.c i found a define : so it will create only ep 0 to ep 4. And i al currently working with a H3 (orange pi zero) I will try with a Orange pi Zero + because it should have 6 endpoints. Edit: same result with Orange pi zero + still not have endpoint 5
  2. Hi everyone, I want to create an USB device, for this i am following this tutorial : gadgetfs. It works fine, but when i want to have an endpoint superior to 4, i cannot. I just changed to Unfortunately, in the folder created i have only this files : ep1in ep1out ep2in ep2out ep3in ep3out ep4in ep4out musb-hdrc I thought a usb device can have 32 endpoints. So, is it possible to have an extra endpoint ? And i have an extra que
  3. If i remember correctly the git compile 8189fs and 8189es, so yes you can. after that i just removed the 8189fs.ko and paste the new one. But for wifi direct that just seems to work in CLIENT not in GO. Edit : If you manage to succeed direct wifi With a go negotation at most than 7 and you become a GO at the end, please let me Know .
  4. I clone compile the 8189fs and that seems to working
  5. hi, I made a program on Orange pi minus (kernel 3.X)using wpa_supplicant for wifi direct. That worked fine (basically). But i have been asked to do it on Orange pi plus with Kernel 4.9. The wifi works when i using nmtui, but when i made a iw list i couldn't find my material and i am not able to configure P2P. I think the problem is the kernel version and not the Hardware because my card with kernel 3.X works on orange pi pc plus. So i am a bit lost, what can i do ? My guest is to modify the realtek module ? I am not sure if i am on the right direction... Thanks, Ps: