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  1. Simple question, do we have to reinstall a full version each time bables make a release or an apt-get upgrade is enough ? I've saw that the firmware was updated last time I did an upgrade (version 0.24 to 0.25 I think).
  2. It was close ! (About 40°c on start and 50 after). vincs@amlogic-s905x:~/Downloads/c-ray-1.1$ ./c-ray-mt -t 32 -s 1900x1400 -r 8 -i sphfract -o output.ppm c-ray-mt v1.1 Rendering took: 164 seconds (164293 milliseconds)
  3. On my Beelink GT1 with SN starting with A912 c-ray-mt v1.1 Rendering took: 4 seconds (4750 milliseconds) And btw, wifi is working. I've run it on with : Armbian_5.24_S9xxx_mate_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_desktop_20170205.img
  4. On my Beelink GT1, the ethernet was working for sure. (I think the wifi too, I need to retest the other points.) There seems to be different kind of version of the chipset (depending on the SN.)
  5. While the support of S912 is still WIP, and not very stable, I think it might be good to have to separated thread. Once the support of S912 is as good as the s905, I think we can merge the topics, but it's only my opinion. Thanks for your help.
  6. I've seen that you released a new version : S9xxx_4G_ICEWM_MATE_XFCE_LXDE_LXQT_20170122.img.xz Is there something new for us in there ? S9xxx_4G_ICEWM_MATE_XFCE_LXDE_LXQT_20170122.img.xz
  7. Hi there ! Can this work on this release ?
  8. Ok thanks for the information ! It doesn't seems easy to do for a beginner like me. :-) I bricked my box yesterday (bad sd card flash), so anyway I can't do much for now.
  9. I've download it, resized the boot partition (too small when installing another kernel), but I don't know how to tell the box to boot on another kernel....
  10. This will probably sound pretty dumb question, but why can't we use the official kernel for arm64 ? For exemple from here : And deb packages from here : (Not for kodi, it seems that we need version 17
  11. @balbes : What's the next step for S912 ? Is there somethings we can do to help ? I've run your last version successfully ( ubuntu desktop 161227), but I got poor performance in decoding video.
  12. Hi ! I had several resolution problem like the guys before (mixed ligns and columns). But there is the oupout from mine (GT1 with SN starting by A912), my device is not reconize when I plug it into the usb port (don't know why) so I'm not very sure I want to write on my internal memory : root@amlogic-s905x:~# fw_printenv EnableSelinux=disabled aml_dt=gxm_q201_2g baudrate=115200 bootcmd=run start_autoscript;run storeboot; bootdelay=1 bootfromnand=0 bootfromrecovery=0 cmdline_keys=if keyman init 0x1234; then if keyman read usid ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.serialno=${usid};fi;if keyman read mac ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} mac=${mac} androidboot.mac=${mac};fi;if keyman read deviceid ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.deviceid=${deviceid};fi;fi; cvbs_drv=0 cvbsmode=576cvbs display_bpp=24 display_color_bg=0 display_color_fg=0xffff display_color_index=24 display_height=1080 display_layer=osd1 display_width=1920 dtb_mem_addr=0x1000000 ethaddr=00:15:18:01:81:31 factory_reset_poweroff_protect=echo wipe_data=${wipe_data}; echo wipe_cache=${wipe_cache};if test ${wipe_data} = failed; then run init_display; run storeargs;if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;fi; if test ${wipe_cache} = failed; then run init_display; run storeargs;if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;fi; fb_addr=0x3d800000 fb_height=1080 fb_width=1920 fdt_high=0x20000000 firstboot=0 gatewayip= hdmimode=1080p60hz hostname=arm_gxbb init_display=osd open;osd clear;imgread pic logo bootup $loadaddr;bmp display $bootup_offset;bmp scale initargs=rootfstype=ramfs init=/init console=ttyS0,115200 no_console_suspend earlyprintk=aml-uart,0xc81004c0 ramoops.pstore_en=1 ramoops.record_size=0x8000 ramoops.console_size=0x4000 ipaddr= jtag=apao loadaddr=1080000 netmask= outputmode=1080p60hz preboot=run factory_reset_poweroff_protect;run upgrade_check;run init_display;run storeargs;run upgrade_key;forceupdate;run switch_bootmode; recovery_from_flash=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if imgread kernel ${recovery_part} ${loadaddr} ${recovery_offset}; then wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr}; fi recovery_from_sdcard=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} aml_autoscript; then autoscr ${loadaddr}; fi;if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} recovery.img; then if fatload mmc 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then echo sd dtb.img loaded; fi;wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr};fi; recovery_from_udisk=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} aml_autoscript; then autoscr ${loadaddr}; fi;if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} recovery.img; then if fatload usb 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then echo udisk dtb.img loaded; fi;wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr};fi; recovery_offset=0 recovery_part=recovery sdc_burning=sdc_burn ${sdcburncfg} sdcburncfg=aml_sdc_burn.ini serverip= start_autoscript=if usb start ; then run start_usb_autoscript;fi;if mmcinfo; then run start_mmc_autoscript;fi; start_mmc_autoscript=if fatload mmc 0 1020000 s905_autoscript; then autoscr 1020000; fi start_usb_autoscript=if fatload usb 0 1020000 s905_autoscript; then autoscr 1020000; fi storeargs=setenv bootargs ${initargs} androidboot.selinux=${EnableSelinux} logo=${display_layer},loaded,${fb_addr},${outputmode} maxcpus=${maxcpus} vout=${outputmode},enable hdmimode=${hdmimode} cvbsmode=${cvbsmode} hdmitx=${cecconfig} cvbsdrv=${cvbs_drv} androidboot.firstboot=${firstboot} jtag=${jtag}; setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.hardware=amlogic;run cmdline_keys; storeboot=if imgread kernel boot ${loadaddr}; then bootm ${loadaddr}; fi;run update; switch_bootmode=get_rebootmode;if test ${reboot_mode} = factory_reset; then run recovery_from_flash;else if test ${reboot_mode} = update; then run update;else if test ${reboot_mode} = cold_boot; then run try_auto_burn; fi;fi;fi; try_auto_burn=update 700 750; update=run usb_burning; run sdc_burning; if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash; upgrade_check=echo upgrade_step=${upgrade_step}; if itest ${upgrade_step} == 3; then run init_display; run storeargs; run update;else fi; upgrade_key=saradc open 0; if saradc get_in_range 0x0 0x50; then echo detect upgrade key; run update;fi; upgrade_step=2 usb_burning=update 1000 wipe_cache=successful wipe_data=successful
  13. Hi there ! I'm pretty new to all this, how can we use this ? Is it possible to run desktop app on this ? I found some tutorials, but I don't know if this apply :