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  1. What exactly is the problem? Would you paste the content of /etc/network/interfaces
  2. Hej Angelo which release did you install? since I also would like to run my r1 and not through it away. I installed Xenial_next and it seems to run well except that after some hours the ethernet just seems to stop working its not a fixed time at least I didnt find any yet but its after 3+ hours and before that it seems to work fine ... everthing seems to work even with and sata disk in it So i was wondering what version you run so that I might install yours and see if it hast something to do with the OS as I dont think its the power supply since I tested many and the issue is allways the same also the powerlevels in the /sys/power/axp_pmu dir look ok so this is a strange issue to me :/ would be happy for some input
  3. Hi! so any news on the pine front? I would like to use it as an surf/email desktop but my problem is the display ... 1080p and i have na 1680*1050 -> 16:10 aspection... any idea how I could work around this ?