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  1. No error when shutdown or reboot by using command shell, but I plan to run the board as a main controller and power up the board by batteries. Just power ON/OFF switch then the circuit ready to work but I am worry that when power off the switch I will get incorrect data logger.
  2. Hi all, I am using NanoPi-Neo Air and my application is just logging binary data to a file. The board is powered by usb from a pc. I can dump and list to see binary data inside the file but after unplug power from usb then power up the board from usb again, I found the binary data is gone or some errors data, unknown data appended. Do you guys have same issued? or any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. zakk

    H3 SPI

    Thank you so much martinayotte ! it works now, but I got the following messages when dmesg. Is the spidev0.0 running correctly? I tested with simple c code with spi fuction and everything fine while communicated via the spidev0.0 ===================================================================================== [ 9.266925] spidev spi0.0: buggy DT: spidev listed directly in DT [ 9.266936] ------------[ cut here ]------------ [ 9.266968] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 307 at drivers/spi/spidev.c:760 spidev_probe+0x146/0x15c [spidev] [ 9.266970] Modules linked in: spidev(+) sun8i_ths uio_pdrv_genirq uio cpufreq_dt gpio_keys thermal_sys brcmfmac brcmutil cfg80211 rfkill fuse [ 9.267020] CPU: 0 PID: 307 Comm: systemd-udevd Not tainted 4.10.0-sun8i #3 [ 9.267023] Hardware name: Allwinner sun8i Family [ 9.267067] [<c010b6ed>] (unwind_backtrace) from [<c0108d33>] (show_stack+0xb/0xc) [ 9.267088] [<c0108d33>] (show_stack) from [<c044f239>] (dump_stack+0x71/0x80) [ 9.267106] [<c044f239>] (dump_stack) from [<c011781d>] (__warn+0xad/0xc0) [ 9.267117] [<c011781d>] (__warn) from [<c011789b>] (warn_slowpath_null+0x13/0x18) [ 9.267133] [<c011789b>] (warn_slowpath_null) from [<bf91a233>] (spidev_probe+0x146/0x15c [spidev]) [ 9.267162] [<bf91a233>] (spidev_probe [spidev]) from [<c0508f99>] (spi_drv_probe+0x51/0x70) [ 9.267176] [<c0508f99>] (spi_drv_probe) from [<c04bf81b>] (driver_probe_device+0x17b/0x1f0) [ 9.267188] [<c04bf81b>] (driver_probe_device) from [<c04bf8ed>] (__driver_attach+0x5d/0x60) [ 9.267197] [<c04bf8ed>] (__driver_attach) from [<c04be5b5>] (bus_for_each_dev+0x2d/0x4c) [ 9.267209] [<c04be5b5>] (bus_for_each_dev) from [<c04bf141>] (bus_add_driver+0x10d/0x16c) [ 9.267219] [<c04bf141>] (bus_add_driver) from [<c04bfe43>] (driver_register+0x33/0x84) [ 9.267233] [<c04bfe43>] (driver_register) from [<bf91d073>] (spidev_init+0x72/0x97 [spidev]) [ 9.267250] [<bf91d073>] (spidev_init [spidev]) from [<c01016dd>] (do_one_initcall+0x2d/0x104) [ 9.267267] [<c01016dd>] (do_one_initcall) from [<c0196355>] (do_init_module+0x45/0x14c) [ 9.267286] [<c0196355>] (do_init_module) from [<c0170f91>] (load_module+0x141d/0x16cc) [ 9.267303] [<c0170f91>] (load_module) from [<c0171375>] (SyS_finit_module+0x51/0x5c) [ 9.267321] [<c0171375>] (SyS_finit_module) from [<c0105ce1>] (ret_fast_syscall+0x1/0x4c) [ 9.267327] ---[ end trace 0eaff8ad790dbae6 ]--- =====================================================================================
  4. zakk

    H3 SPI

    I follow this thread and have a little problem. I compiled Linux-4.10 and it comes with /boot/dtb/overlay/sun8i-h3-spi0-spidev.dtbo, then I did this: cat sun8i-h3-spi0-spidev.dtbo > /sys/kernel/config/device-tree/overlays/spi/dtbo I got /dev/spidev0.0 but after reboot, the spidev0.0 is gone and need to do the command above again. Can I put it to rc.local?, but I am not sure is this correct way to load spi overlay. Please advise
  5. In case I want to run the Nano Pi Air with low power consumption by disable WiFi. Is it possible? or another way to reduce power consumption? I want to run the board as data logger with 20 spi sensors, sampling rate 1K and powered by battery.
  6. Thank you zador.blood.stained ! it works now, I follow the changed here
  7. So, Do I have to modify these files? .../Armbian/sources/linux-sun8i-mainline/orange-pi-4.9/arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3-nanopi-neo.dts .../Armbian/sources/linux-sun8i-mainline/orange-pi-4.9/arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3.dtsi How do I enable the gadget? sorry, I am new on the NanoPi Neo Air board.
  8. Hi all, I build Armbian for my NanoPi Air with both Linux 3.4 and Linux 4.X, and config usb to be an USB Ethernet Gadget but it does not work with Linux 4.X. There is nothing showing when "dmesg | grep gadget" on Linux 4.x But in Linux 3.4 I got following messages: root@nanopiair:/# dmesg | grep gadget [ 2.559263] g_ether gadget: using random self ethernet address [ 2.565929] g_ether gadget: using random host ethernet address [ 2.582905] gadget_is_softwinner_otg is not -int [ 2.582923] gadget_is_softwinner_otg is not -int [ 2.583012] g_ether gadget: Ethernet Gadget, version: Memorial Day 2008 [ 2.590546] g_ether gadget: g_ether ready [ 13.898453] g_ether gadget: high-speed config #2: RNDIS root@nanopiair:/# root@nanopiair:/# Do you know how enable the Ethernet Gadget for Linux 4.x? Thanks in advance,
  9. Hi, Messages flooded with the i2c0 messages after the NeoAir boots as showing below: [ 10.234498] dhd_module_init: Exit err=0 [ 10.240493] systemd[1]: Listening on Syslog Socket. [ 10.246332] systemd[1]: Starting Journal Service... [ 10.360420] systemd[1]: Started Journal Service. [ 10.813583] systemd-udevd[179]: starting version 215 [ 11.191615] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.197938] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.204329] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.210906] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.221376] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.228399] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.237229] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.243890] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! [ 11.250510] twi_start()434 - [i2c0] START can't sendout! and so on every ms or so. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks in advance