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  1. I mean: quote: (computing, graphical user interface) The main graphical user interface of an operating system, usually displaying icons, windows and background wallpaper. If you have a Tkinter window for showing a diagram, or a RRD graph it makes for sure sense. Regards, Rudolf
  2. Armbian more user friendly. I try to make Armbian more user friendly. Please see my documentation for the Orange Pi Lite (WiFi on board): It has the following topics: Know How for the Orange Pi Orange Pi Lite Armbian software WiFi connect Orange Pi One Armbian software Shared software additions Screen resolution HDMI VNC server VNC and sudo VNC and Screen Shot Terminal TAB command complete Often use programs Samba share XFCE4 panel additions Python, TKinter Tipps Hardware IO Analog Audio GPIO I2C bus Infrared Links For the xfce4 desktop upper panel I added some useful plugins: I think that also for IOT a desktop make sense, please see my frequency response analyzer: What I am still missing is the possibility to access the I/O pins from the user via Python. Regards, Rudolf