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  1. This works very well... I've just had the time to test this. Sorry for my lack of input, my knowledge ATM is rather limited on the matter of uboot. I really appreciate the work this community is doing, opening up the code for such devices that have no support from the board o the chip manufacturers. I've got much to learn... thnx
  2. BIG pile of mess.... But why do they do this? no wonder raspberry pi's sell like hot cakes.
  3. welp, didn't see that coming... anyways i linked this descussion Damn, the banana pi's youtube page also commented on the video saying and i quote "we will update all android source code on github. and wifi&bt working fine" android source... let's see wifi&bt... bullcrap
  4. done... Isn't it possible to get the correct device tree for bt/wifi/emmc from android build? or does the android build not use device tree? also for desperate measures, how can i install the gpu drivers own my own (won't redistribute it).
  5. the legacy one works fine for now, except the usual wifi bt emmc. I'll probably get a desktop image built using the tool. thnx.
  6. 1) I just have a nick for arm based boards, x86 pcs take a lot of power to perform basic tasks like web browsing and I have seen people just using their systems for a bit of word processing and web browsing at most. Lets just say I like to fiddle with these boards as a hobby and one of the things I am interested in is using them as a regular desktop ie the mini pc buzz word. 2) I knew what i was going into when SinoVoip informed me that they were sending me a sample to review, but i thought they would have learnt from pine64, sadly not. Didn't expect it to be this bad though. 3) When I said i couldn't find sources i ment on sinovoip's github page that they are "supposed" to provide, let linux kernel be even android device source is not available. Maybe i've been spoilt too much by the raspberry pi. 4) I will be attempting to get armbian build running from the sources provided in this thread.
  7. nope nothing on the legacy build as well, going for a custom build.
  8. thnx, looks like i'll need to bake one armbian myself.
  9. i did try this (the mainline one for now, i'll try the legacy one too) it did'nt boot, but I can't find any sources online on github that i can start with my own build. Their build of ubuntu mate is utter crap, anything from random log outs to complete lack of drivers. Its sad to see how well android is supported on these platforms but other linux distributions sometime remain in beta forever
  10. Banana Pi M64 http://www.banana-pi.org/m64.html the default ubuntu os is crap, requesting for an armbian build Allwinner a64 2GB RAM
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